Hua Xuyin (Tang Qi Gongzi)

Hua Xuyin (Tang Qi Gongzi)
Other names: 华胥引(唐七公子)
Author: N/A
Genre: Novel, Romance Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


On the day the city was broken, the princess of Weiguo Ye Zhen died as a martyr, but was resurrected with shark beads. Ye Zhen, who had come back from the dead, had only one destiny: to live and get revenge. When she plays the Huaxu tune, she can weave the most beautiful dream in life for the listener, but the price is the life of the other party. Ye Zhen feeds on this, and his life continues… Zhuang Zhou’s Mengdie, I don’t know Zhou’s Mengdie is Hu Die and? Is the dream of the butterfly Zhou Yu?

The music composed of illusion is woven with the vain greed and infatuation, love and love of the greedy, full of the bitterness and bitterness of the world. Four tunes of Huaxu, four tragic songs of fate, four pairs of mandarin ducks lost in love… Huaxu’s fascination brings troubles to the world. The strings rang above the Kyushu countries, silently alarmed. This is just a story that happened in troubled times.