In the name of marriage, Ye Lan Cheng Anzhisu

In the name of marriage, Ye Lan Cheng Anzhisu
Other names: 以婚之名叶澜成安之素, ในนามของการแต่งงาน Ye Lan Cheng และ An Zhisu, In the name of marriage, Ye Lan Cheng Anzhisu, 叶澜成安之素
Author: Yan Guier
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: 2020
Status: 2065 Ongoing


The first time I saw her, she was 7 years old and he was 12 years old. He was hunted down and she saved him. The second time I saw her, she was 10 years old and he was 15 years old. At her mother’s funeral, he gave her a piece of ancient jade and promised her that it was a token.

See you for the third time, she was 25 years old and he was 30 years old. She is not married, he is not married. She didn’t want to marry him, but he wanted to marry her. The fourth time I saw her, she was wearing a cheongsam and he was wearing a suit. Their first photo was printed on the marriage certificate.

I have known each other all the time, it is not too late to get married. She is An Zhisu, he is Ye Lancheng, this is her and his story.


Chapter 1: Discharge
Chapter 2: A paper marriage contract
Chapter 3: We Get Married
Chapter 4: Marriage is not a child’s play
Chapter 5: Consider ten minutes
Chapter 6: Miss Ann
Chapter 7: Exchange of Shares
Chapter 8: Taking over Su Huan
Chapter 9: I missed one
Chapter 10: The Wayward Shopkeeper
Chapter 11: Free gifts
Chapter 12: Marriage Agreement
Chapter 13: Long to Japan
Chapter 14: I send you
Chapter 15: Song Jiaren with Poisonous Tongue
Chapter 16: Marriage Certificate
Chapter 17: Preventing Divorce
Chapter 18: Let’s Get Married First
Chapter 19: Lanting House
Chapter 20: Tyrant Husband
Chapter 21: No Flesh and No Happiness
Chapter 22: “Bridal House Anthuriums”
Chapter 23: I will pay it back
Chapter 24: For whom to show sincerely
Chapter 25: Neuropathy
Chapter 26: Platinum Card
Chapter 27: Tyrant, please take my knees
Chapter 2026: You are a neurotic, I am a doctor
Chapter 2027: The one who loved her like his life is gone
Chapter 2028: How did the last life die
Chapter 2029: There are so many Sao operations
Chapter 2030: A Robot Called Silence
Chapter 2031: Tough Talk is a Tough Han Han
Chapter 2032: Little Princess Ye Family
Chapter 2033: Son Jinwu Cangjiao
Chapter 2034: I wait for the rebirth of the Year of the Dragon
Chapter 2035: Report again after playing
Chapter 2036: Please Forgive Me, Your Royal Highness
Chapter 2037: Ye family is so awesome
Chapter 2038: In order not to repeat the same mistakes
Chapter 2039: Grandpa Jiang doesn’t rely on his grandson-in-law to win money
Chapter 2040: Was moneyed by the great-grandson
Chapter 2041: Accident
Chapter 2042: Conjecture
Chapter 2043: Escape
Chapter 2044: Are you looking for this kid?
Chapter 2045: A tooth for a tooth
Chapter 2046: The hatred of more than 30 stitches
Chapter 2047: I hurt
Chapter 2048: The hateful person is also pitiful
Chapter 2049: Taking the Bite
Chapter 2050: Stimulus
Chapter 2051: Are you Mrs. Jiang now?
Chapter 2052: Have a sweet dream
Chapter 2053: I’m not clean at all
Chapter 2054: I will always love you
Chapter 2055: Put it back for me
Chapter 2056: I really love you so much
Chapter 2057: Father-in-law, such a coincidence
Chapter 2058: What to do with me
Chapter 2059: Arrest
Chapter 2060: You are too kind to be wrong
Chapter 2061: We only recognize you
Chapter 2062: the crime can not get away
Chapter 2063: I am Tang Qin, Jiang Yunji’s lover
Chapter 2064: Love doesn’t know where it comes from, but goes deeper
Chapter 2065: Inexplicably second married