Kyushu·Mrs. Huzhu

Kyushu·Mrs. Huzhu
Other names: 九州·斛珠夫人
Author: Xiao Ruse
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The beautiful and dreamy creature in Nuhai City, a pearl-harvesting family, met Yuren when she was a child, and left the word langji in her palm. The jewel made by the shark’s tears made Haishi meet his officials, the once young and handsome six-winged general and the son of Qinghai, but now he is hidden from the side of the emperor, manipulating the black-clothed feather forest army. The entangled fate between him and Di Xu gradually disappeared from the specious smile on his lips. Dazheng Dynasty, another huge empire on Kyushu.

The previous civil strife took away everything that the young emperor Chu Zhongxu wanted to protect. The so-called people and the country were nothing but tools for him to demand liberation. Whether it is hated by others or betrayed by a brother, everything is no longer important. The peaceful and prosperous world he created himself must be destroyed by himself. Thousands of horses are rushing, and the flags are changing. This world is magnificent and will eventually become a legend of the country. And the shiny and round shark beads scattered all over the ground, reflecting everyone’s swirling fate.