Mirror Twins

Mirror Twins
Other names: 镜双城
Author: Cang Yue
Genre: Novel, Fantasy and Fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Since ancient times, it is said that the right hand of the god created the cloud and waste world. For thousands of years, the alternation of the god of destruction and creation, the ups and downs of the cloud and desert countries, tells the story of a river and lake where children have a long relationship. After many years, everything has become a legend. Huang has also become a dream home.

The enthusiastic and cheerful Hmong girl Na Sheng travels long distances to find her dream home in order to escape the troubled times. Here she is saved by Sumo, but Yunhuang is not a fairyland in Taoyuan. Along with her every step of going deep into the cloud and desert, scenes of bizarre and thrilling stories are staged, and legends with fresh personalities compete to appear on the stage.

Sea country, vicissitudes of life, empty sang. The three countries have been entangled in hatred for thousands of years. With the rebirth of the Sea King and the establishment of the Kukai Alliance, the wheel of fortune between Liuhe began to rotate quietly. The destruction is remarkable, the white pagoda falls, the seven seas are countercurrent, and the mountains and rivers are forever silent. They must work hard to return to the original place, cruising freely under the blue sea and blue sky, away from all wars and disputes. Witnessing the death of the gods, wild flowers will eventually bloom. The wind in the distance is farther than the distance; he will go back to the ruins with his loved ones and start a new life.