Swap Luck 我好喜欢你 Episode 1 Recap

Tong Xiaoyou is a girl with very bad luck. How bad is it? The bus can never be squeezed up and can only take the next trip. She rinses her mouth and rinses halfway in the morning and stops the water, takes a taxi to work and has no gas or electricity etc. Wait. Our male protagonist Lu Xingcheng is a very lucky person. Winning the Best Fashion Character of the Year award for six consecutive years is the focus of everyone’s attention and is a master of the company. But these two people exchanged luck after an accidental kiss, and their lives have changed drastically.

Tong Xiaoyou wanted Lu Xingcheng to recommend him as a designer, so he brought his design draft to find Lu Xingcheng. On the way, he finally entered the same elevator with Lu Xingcheng, but was mistaken for his fan by Lu Xingcheng and changed his post. Sign her directly without reading the application. Due to Tong Xiaoyou’s unlucky physique, the elevator moved, making Lu Xingcheng, who is afraid of heights, in a bad mood and didn’t pay attention to Tong Xiaoyou at all. Lu Xingcheng and Wen Xi, the magazine’s chief female model , rushed to the event together. Wen Xi wanted Lu Xingcheng and her to be a contracted couple, so that he could be more intimate with himself when he entered the venue. This would be good for both parties. Lu Xingcheng flatly refused. Lu Xingcheng became more and more impatient as he listened to the gossip about himself and the variety show “The Road to the Next Stop” on the radio, and asked his assistant to turn it off vigorously.

As soon as she entered the company, Tong Xiaoyou was called around and drank by her colleagues. She went to the Minister of Administration and told her that she wanted to change departments, but the Minister was vague. Tong Xiaoyou took the job transfer application signed by Lu Xingcheng and went to the Minister of Personnel for approval, but the Minister of Personnel questioned the authenticity of the signature and coldly said that Tong Xiaoyou could not stay in the design department for three months anyway. However, he still stamped his approval for the transfer.

At the event, Lu Xingcheng still received the attention of the on-site media, but was told that this time the best fashion character award had been assigned to the charity. Cheng Peiyu, who only founded the clothing brand last year, expressed his indignation with great anger. Lu Xingcheng turned and left. Neither participated. In the car, Wen Xi and vigorously indignantly discussed the shady scenes of the ceremony, thinking that Cheng Peiyu and her old roads are not easy. Lu Xingcheng didn’t want to listen too much, so he only asked vigorously to pay attention to these two people, and the details would not go to any event that the two would participate in in the future.

When Song Ruru came home, Song Ruru asked about the result of Tong Xiaoyou’s job transfer application. Tong Xiaoyou couldn’t make fun of herself. When Song Ruru was about to comfort her, Tong Xiaoyou told her that she had passed, and the two happily hugged her. When Tong Xiaoyou came to the design department, he saw Dali scolding his colleagues in the design department for a manuscript. Tong Xiaoyou found that all colleagues in the design department had some thick dark circles. Only when his colleague Xiaobai asked him, he realized that they hadn’t rested for a long time. Because they are the “no rest” department.

After get off work, Lu Xingcheng asked Vigorously to drive. There was no one in the office. However, Lu Xingcheng found a computer at work, but accidentally found Tong Xiaoyou’s design draft. He looked at it one by one until he saw one of them. At that time, he couldn’t help but exclaimed, he covered his mouth, but his eyes gradually turned red. His mother came to him in a dress. But as soon as he saw Tong Xiaoyou, he quickly returned to the cold and poisonous tongue of the past. He also said that Tong Xiaoyou’s design draft is so naive, and Tong Xiaoyou is a little harder than his evaluation, but he has spirits and wants Lu Xingcheng to comment. Why should I say that her manuscript is naive? Give her some guidance to make her better. Lu Xingcheng looked at Tong Xiaoyou and seemed to have something to say, but in the end he left without saying anything. When he returned home, when he took a bath, Lu Xingcheng touched the scar on his chest, remembering that he was like Tong Xiaoyou when he was a child, and he asked his mother to guide himself in drawing techniques to make himself better

The next day, Lu Xingcheng brought two books to the company. When he saw it, he thought he was very excited because they were very precious. However, Lu Xingcheng asked him to show it to Tong Xiaoyou and made him stare at the side. Tong Xiaoyou finished reading and brought the book back. Tong Xiaoyou was a bit unconvinced when Lu Xingcheng said yesterday that her design draft was naive. However, after reading the book, she gained a new insight. He believed that what Lu Xingcheng said was right, and asked Vigorously to help him convey his gratitude to Lu Xingcheng.

In the office, Lu Xingcheng was furious looking at the scandals about himself and Wen Xi on the Internet, and angered him vigorously to clean up the warehouse. At this time, Wen Xi came, and she comforted Lu Xingcheng briskly not to be angry about the scandals, but Lu Xingcheng said that he knew these scandals were Wen Xi. When it broke out, Wen Xi saw that Lu Xingcheng was not worried and changed the subject, took out the mobile phone to play the video of the host provoking Lu Xingcheng in “The Road to the Next Stop”, and urged Lu Xingcheng to go with her to participate in the competition and face everyone. But after seeing it, Lu Xingcheng asked Dali to inform Tong Xiaoyou and let her participate in the competition on behalf of the magazine and Wen Xi.

Tong Xiaoyou shared the good news with Song Ruru and Leopard brother, and told them that when he was a child, he saw a dress named Niji in the exhibition hall and met the little brother who designed this dress. The encouragement gave birth to the designer’s ideals. Tong Xiaoyou worked hard day and night to prepare for the game, and finally it was the day of the game. Dali wanted Lu Xingcheng to cheer for Tong Xiaoyou on the spot, but he refused and asked him to prepare a computer to watch in the company. On the stage, the host asked Tong Xiaoyou what his idea of ​​designing the dress was, and Tong Xiaoyou talked about it, saying that this dress is his love for design and a dream he has persisted for ten years. However, her design was criticized by the judges. Lu Xingcheng in front of the screen admired the dress very much. He understood that the judges said that it was bought by Mu Yang in order to slap him in the face.

On the stage, Lu Yanzhi took Niji to win the unanimous praise from the judges, and Tong Xiaoyou mistakenly thought that Lu Yanzhi was the little brother he met when he was a child. Even if he got five zero points from the judges and lost the game, he would not be depressed. , And Lu Xingcheng immediately became calm after seeing Niji, and immediately let Dali drove to the scene. In the background, Tong Xiaoyou took the initiative to find Lu Yanzhi to speak. Lu Yanzhi saw that she was not depressed even though she lost the game. She thought she was quite interesting. When the two had a good chat, Lu Xingcheng rushed to fight Lu Yanzhi. Not to be outdone to fight back, Tong Xiaoyou hurriedly went up to persuade him but almost fell on Lu Xingcheng. Seeing that the two were about to come in close contact, Lu Yanzhi grabbed her.

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