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Ten Notes of Night Tales: Let the Bullets Fly

Ten Notes of Night Tales: Let the Bullets Fly
Other names: 夜谭十记:让子弹飞(没有硝烟的战线)
Author: Ma Shitu
Genre: Novel, Modern Literature
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The story in the book is a public edition of the master who has been studying hard for ten years and finally won the title of “Yang Hanlin”. He graduated from the Chinese department of a national university, thinking that from then on, Peng Cheng Wanli will be in front of him. .

Unexpectedly, after walking out of the school gate and entering the society, he actually complied with what he had heard in the university but never believed it: “Graduation is unemployed!” In the end he found a job at a county government office and met various staff members. The story This unfolds.


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