Middle game

Middle game
Other names: 古董局中局
Author: Ma Boyong
Genre: Novel, Detective Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


This is an encyclopedic novel about antique appraisal, collection, forgery, and establishment of a bureau. Calligraphy and painting, bronze, gold and stone, porcelain… Behind every antique is a profound historical accumulation and cultural heritage; and behind every counterfeit, there are clever tricks and unimaginable traps calculated by the authorities.

Fake antiques and fake calligraphy and paintings have existed since ancient times. In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Kang Xin copied the original calligraphy of Wang Xizhi, and even his son Wang Xianzhi could not recognize it. Song Huizong, the emperor of the Song Dynasty, liked to fake and imitated a large number of bronze weapons of the Shang Dynasty and placed them in the court. The mottled texture of the antique bears the culture of a nation and the style of an era. Its value is not measurable by money, but poor human beings can only use money to measure it.

But things that are originally worthless can be invaluable by carefully smearing them; huge benefits have made countless people take risks, and some families, fathers and sons, descendants and grandchildren, have been in this obscure and dangerous situation for generations. Live on the arena. Open the book and learn about the cultural heritage and sinisterness of the antique industry.