Love of Summer Night 夏夜知君暖 Episode 24 End

The annual inter-school competition officially kicked off, although Chu Ran’s speed has accelerated from the previous one, and even controlled the rhythm of the audience. But the training of the Qingmeng team during this period is not fake. Not long after the start, they scored a score of 9:10, just one point behind. From Lu Ye’s point of view, this can be considered evenly matched.

The game continued, and because of Jun Ye’s selfless state and Ling Xuan’s close cooperation, they even started to take the lead. Seeing Jun Ye, who was full of spirits on the court, Su Nuanxia’s mind flashed through the bits and pieces since the two people met and fell in love, and the smile grew stronger.

Except for Jun Ye, everyone else is in good condition. Qi Feng overcame the psychological shadow, and under the suppression of Chu Ran’s plundering skills, he still jumped up and successfully grabbed the ball. The ball passed from Qi Feng to Zhang Xiaoqiang and then to Ling Xuan near the basket. Ling Xuan leaped recklessly, and the white sound on the side also jumped up, but could not stop it. The ball scored, but Ling Xuan was knocked to the ground by Bai Yin and injured her foot. The game was temporarily suspended. For the sake of Ling Xuan’s safety, Su Nuanxia ordered the substitute Yang Kai to replace him.

Yang Kai is still a novice, and Ling Xuan’s end invisibly added pressure to the members of the Qingmeng team. Until the end of the first half, the score of the two teams became 29:41, and the Qingmeng team was 12 points behind. Only two minutes after replacing Ling Xuan, Shinhwa scored 17 points in a row, and Chu Ran scored 12 points alone. Everyone was a little bit unconfident to continue fighting, but Jun Ye didn’t want to give up, and the others followed suit.

Before the start of the second half, Lu Ye suddenly offered to replace Yang Kai. Han Mo knew Lu Ye’s strength and pointed out that he was not a student of Qingmeng and was not qualified to play for Qingmeng. The principal on the side immediately said that he could give Lu Ye the green light. As long as he does not violate the school rules and regulations, his admission procedures can be made after the game. Now Han Mo had nothing to say, and could only watch the Qingmeng team add another strongman.

Lu is wild and unruly, and his style of play is different from others. He called Baiyin to pass the ball as soon as he played. Baiyin, who was a teammate with him, instinctively passed the ball to him. The Shinhwa team could only suffer from this dumb loss, but still wanted to complain about Luye being a traitor. Lu Ye clearly stated that he went to Qingmeng to make Anna happy, and that he was not taught by Han Mo, and was different from Chu Ran, who was brought out by Coach Su.

No matter which player of the Shinhwa team he played against, he had a way to suppress it. Gradually, the Qingmeng team recovered the score, and Han Mo’s face off the court was ugly. Seeing that the Shinhwa team became less and less aggressive, Han Mo called a timeout. Chu Ran took the initiative to ask Ying to speak to the players, telling them sonically that he came to mythology to lead them to become better players. Since we want to play a game, we must be worthy of the word myth.

Chu Ran is good at fighting psychological warfare, as can be seen from his plundering skills. But his psychological warfare is not only for opponents, but also for teammates. As the game continued, Chu Ran’s plundering skills were upgraded to grants. He is aware of the weaknesses and advantages of each teammate, and he becomes a backing when it is time to give support, and strongly supports when the opponent needs affirmation, which allows the strength of the other members of the mythical team to be extraordinary.

This time, Chu Ran asked everyone to mainly restrict Shen Yingliang and Lu Ye, leaving them two without a chance to shoot. The players of the Qingmeng team must pass the ball before they have a chance to break the game. Fortunately, although Chu Ran’s endowment is strong, it offsets each other with Jun Ye’s super strong state. The Shinhwa team has never been able to open the distance, and was even overtaken by the Qingmeng team by 3 points. The score reached 67:64, and Han Mo once again requested a timeout. This time, he explained to Ding Lei that no matter what method he used, Jun Ye and Lu Ye would be abolished.

Everyone thinks that this is not good, but Chu Ran directly objected. He thinks it violates the spirit of basketball. Han Mo was about to teach Chu Ran a lesson, and Chu Ran said a secret to himself. It turned out that on the eve of the match a year ago, Han Mo privately approached Chu Ran and asked him to release water during the match. In order to entice Chu Ran, Han Mo promised to let him join the Shinhwa team and recommended him to the National Youth Team. Chu Ran was indeed tempted, but when he was actually on the court, he did not play a fake match as Han Mo thought.

It is a pity that Chu Ran made a mistake because of too much pressure on the most critical goal. This made Han Mo mistakenly believe that Chu Ran had accepted his conditions, and that there was no problem with this approach. When Chu Ran said this, he wanted to tell the Shinhwa team members that he was unwilling to turn his back on his love of basketball, and hoped that everyone would play an upright game with him, even if the result was a loss.

The players all expressed their willingness to believe in Chu Ran, and the five of them joined hands after shouting the slogans and played, leaving Han Mo in a hurry but helpless. In fact, the result of the match has long been doomed. Had it not been known that he would lose, Han Mo would not want to resort to abusing the opponent’s players. In the end, the Qingmeng team won the match with a score of 87:71. The audience cheered, and the Shinhwa team, under the leadership of Chu Ran, collectively bowed deeply to coach Han Mo.

Han Mo looked at the players in a row and didn’t know what to think. But he was still willing to bet and lose, and held the gold medal of the previous championship to Su Nuanxia in both hands. Su Nuanxia received the gold medal with tears in her eyes. Before becoming this coach, her whole mind was to win the game and fulfill her father’s last wish. After she became a coach, she finally realized how her father loved the players like a child, and gradually understood that basketball can really shape and make people. She thought that if her father was in the Spirit of Heaven, he should be able to truly rest in peace.

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