Other names: 白鹿原
Author: N/A
Genre: Novel, Modern Literature
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“White Deer Plain” is a majestic epic of 50 years of changes in the Weihe Plain. It is a long and horrifying picture of the colorful and shocking Chinese countryside. The protagonist has six marriages and six funerals, and the mysterious overture heralds ominous. Two generations of descendants of a family, fighting for the rule of Bailuyuan from generation to generation, staged a series of thrilling dramas; clever feng shui, evil tricks, dutiful sons as bandits, relatives and wives and daughters-in-law, brothers fretting each other, lovers turning against each other… …

The Great Revolution, the Japanese invasion, the three-year civil war, the Bailu Plain was overthrown, the king’s flag changed, the family hatred, the entanglement, the injustices and the injustices were reported to the generations…The ancient land trembles in the throes of new life.