Breasts and buttocks

Breasts and buttocks
Other names: 丰乳肥臀
Author: N/A
Genre: Novel, Modern Literature
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Full breasts and fat buttocks” is a magnificent “epic” novel. The mother is a ill-fated person, she has worked hard to raise one child after another. The huge family formed by her many daughters has been linked to various social and political forces and civil organizations in China in the 20th century, as well as the official power discourse in the crazy years, and it is irresistible to be engulfed into the 20th century. China’s political history stage, and the competition, contention, and fighting between these different forms of forces are carried out in their own families, resulting in the reality that the mother alone bears and resolves the suffering: soldiers, wars, displacement and turbulence, and death of relatives. And the worries and anxiety about the single-pass son of a disagreement, and her behavior of stealing food from the mill in her mad age is even more affectionate by the birds…