Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 6 Recap

Tan Song looked at the yellow oranges and ate snacks, and asked him if he wanted to remove his makeup first? And Huang Chengzi said she refused to put on makeup, and she hasn’t taken a photo yet, but in order for Huang Chengzi to forgive him and express a wish to her, Huang Chengzi told Tan Song to help her get a photo of Yao Haonan. On the basketball court, the girls looked at Yao Haonan and screamed. When testing the shooting, Tan Song’s basketball was also very good before Yao Haonan transferred to school. He didn’t enter the school team because he was bored.

On the school’s draft rankings, the girls in my class are very confused, why would anyone vote for Tan Song and Chen the most ? Yao Haonan went to their class to get a triangle ruler, and the girls exclaimed and talked about their anger. They took Yao Haonan’s picture and asked the family at home, who is handsome, he or Yao Haonan? Then asked Zhu Tonight, Huang Chengzi clamored for photos.

While talking about Song and Chen, Huang Chengzi blatantly favors Yao Haonan. It is conceivable that talking about Song is jealous. When he is angry, Tan Song took out the application form and wanted to enter the school team. the first. He Jinchao hasn’t been in the shop recently, and he used his left hand when eating. After school, I asked Zhu to not wait for him. Zhu found out that he was wrong and asked him what’s wrong? Seeing a wound on his leg, asked who he was with after school? He Jinzhao said it was Yao Haonan. Everyone suspected that it was campus bullying.

So he planned to gamble on Yao Haonan on the basketball court at night. During the class, both enemies were unsure and kept preparing for the end of class. As expected, he saw an angry scene on the basketball court , Everyone copied the guy and prepared to beat Yao Haonan… It turned out that Yao Haonan didn’t bully He Jinchao, but was practicing with him.

In the group match, Yao Haonan won again. Tan Song was very angry. He asked He Jinchao about Yao Haonan’s information. He Jinchao made a few points and planned to give them an improvement plan to defeat Yao Haonan. Tan Song and Chen were the best. While exercising and improving physical fitness, cultivate the tacit understanding between the two, especially in the word guessing session. The tacit understanding between the two is almost zero. He Jinchao said that the only way left is to sleep together in the same bed, two big boys. It seemed difficult to fall asleep together, so Chen proposed to talk about each other’s views, but Tan Song said that it would be embarrassing between good friends.

Chen laughed the most and began to comment on Tan Song, so the two started to praise each other. Suddenly the atmosphere was a little strange, and then the two fell to sleep. At midnight Tan Song talked about sleep and snored, and Chen did not fall asleep at all. The next day they were listless and went to class. Well, the two talked about each other’s hobbies. Tan Song knew that Chen liked puzzles the most. They took out the puzzles in front of Chen Zui, and wanted to get to know Chen Zui better.

But for Tan Song, the puzzles seemed It was difficult, so Chen learned about Tan Song and Tan Song Jiao Chen played the most games, but online games seemed to be difficult for Chen Zuo. Then the two decided to go directly to practice the next day, to cultivate a tacit understanding, no need to adjust. All these mess, when Chen Zui was practicing, Yao Haonan wanted Chen Zui to team up with him. What about this time? Tan Song came back, dragged Chen Zui all the time, and turned on the jealous mode.

Huang Chengzi in the class, Tan Song fell to fourth place on the school leaderboard, he was particularly happy… Tan Song was the focus of the game on the field, and Yao Haonan fouled repeatedly, causing Tan Song to fall to the ground, Huang Orange was angry but ran over to scold Yao Haonan and Tan Song tried his best to defend Huang Chengzi. The relationship between the two has a subtle touch… The school rankings, Yao Haonan is no longer at the top of the list, but Yao Haonan is gone, and there is a new handsome guy. The boy lamented that the girl’s love was so short…

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