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Lovely Us 如此可爱的我们 Episode 7 Recap

On Song’s Misunderstanding Chen Zui’s Early Love with Orange

Brother Ouyang, who got his driver’s license last month, intends to take everyone out to camp, by the way, for his birthday and New Year’s Eve, Tan Song is suspicious of his eldest brother’s car skills, Huang Chengzi sees the cosmetic contact ads on the side of the road, and has a slight heartbeat…in the bookstore Chen most looked at Zhu Tonight, staring at the crystal ball.

In the car, the yellow orange laughed at Tan Song with the change and it was useless. The two enemies began to quarrel again. On the way into the mountain, they just passed a small shop. Tan Song asked everyone to buy food, while the yellow orange, get off the car and go to Pao Noodle After everyone had bought things, they forgot the yellow orange, and then they found her back. The two enemies also fell asleep, and Chen found out that Zhu had been looking at Brother Ouyang tonight, and Huang Chengzi found a gift when she got out of the car and went to the trunk to find a garbage bag.

I mistakenly thought that the crystal ball Chen bought the most was for Big Brother Ouyang, so he couldn’t make any sense of it. At this moment, she found the dropped greeting card with the words: Xiaoxiao, Happy New Year’s Day. Suddenly Huang Chengzi understood what, and then began to assign their respective tasks. Huang Chengzi strongly requested to go with Chen Zui to pick up firewood. In the woods, Huang Chengzi had been testing Chen Zui, and Huang Chengzi inadvertently said about the greeting card. Tan Song can’t wait to find Huang Chengzi in the tent. Chen Zai also confessed his secret to Huang Chengzi. Huang Chengzi promised that he would keep it secret.

At this time, Tan Song’s misalignment happened to be seen by Tan Song and Tan Song mistakenly thought The two of them were together. In the evening, Huang Chengzi frantically praised Chen in front of Zhu Tonight. Tan Song was angry and sad. In the dead of night, Tan Song pulled Huang Chengzi aside and said to her,

Let her study hard, Huang Chengzi didn’t want to talk to him, so she turned and left. He said that he knew the secret of Huang Chengzi. Huang Chengzi was very guilty. He thought Tan Song knew about her buying cosmetic contact lenses. Huang Chengzi left first under the excuse of being uncomfortable. The four people here played a game, Brother Ouyang To Zhu Tonight is very gentle, Chen sees it most. When he was about to put the fairy stick, Tan Song was worried about Huang Chengzi’s body. He took out the scarf and hat that she had bought for her and put it on her body. Huang Chengzi looked at her seriously and talked about Song and Song’s wrongs.

Said that he was only worried that he would spread the disease to everyone. At the beginning of the New Year, everyone made a wish. Tan Song asked Chen to make a wish as soon as possible. Chen said that he hadn’t thought about it yet. The fireworks were full of fire and the sky was snoring. It turned out that everyone was sleeping in a tent. At midnight, I wished you crept up tonight. It turned out that Chen Zhai didn’t sleep either.

Chen Zui-Rang Zhu helped him make new year wishes tonight. Chen Zui asked Zhu Jinxiao, what else would he want to do besides being admitted to Qingbei? Zhu Jinxiao said a lot. Chen Zui took out the crystal ball and gave it to Zhu Jinxiao. The sky is beautiful for adults, just like the scenery in the crystal ball, it really snowed…

The new classroom in 2008 has begun. Zhu Jinxiao has already gone to the training camp. Brother Ouyang is also planning to go to the army. After learning about it, my friends go to talk about the Song family’s plan to send Brother Ouyang. Huang Chengzi called Zhu Jinxiao and said Ouyang The news that eldest brother is about to leave, I wish there is a bit of loss tonight, I wish tonight to see elder brother Ouyang at the train station for the last time, and met elder brother Ouyang,

I wish to ask Ouyang brother tonight why he suddenly wanted to be a soldier? Brother Ouyang said that this is what he always wanted to do. Then, Brother Ouyang’s car arrived. Before leaving, he helped Zhu Jinxiao put on a hat to protect against the wind, and I wish to see the figure of Brother Ouyang going away, full of nostalgia …

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