No. 1 Media

No. 1 Media
Other names: 状元媒
Author: Ye Guangqin
Genre: Novel, Modern Literature
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


It tells the story of Liu Chunlin, the last champion of the Qing Dynasty, who acted as a matchmaker and contributed to the marriage of the royal descendant father Jin Ruihu and the commoner mother Chen Meizhen, which triggered the story of family members, relatives and friends in the Jin family mansion. It takes the perspective of Xiaogege “I” as the axis and is written under the title of eleven Peking operas.

From the beginning of the Revolution of 1911 to the present day of reform and opening up, I have written leaps and bounds about the faces of people with a century-old background, the values of the people in Beijing, and the customs and customs of Beijing society.