Other names: 斯巴达克斯
Author: N/A
Genre: Novel, Foreign Literature
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Spartacus” is an outstanding historical novel by the famous Italian writer Rafaelo Giovannioli in the 19th century. “Spartacus” tells about a huge momentum that took place in ancient Rome. Gladiator uprising. The gladiators headed by Spartacus fought for freedom and dignity and rose up against the tyranny of the Romans. They bravely and tenaciously fought against powerful enemies, winning by surprise again and again, and inflicting heavy losses on the Roman army. The gladiator army was finally surrounded and destroyed by powerful enemy forces, and Spartacus fought to the last breath of life. The novel truly reproduces the struggle of the oppressed for freedom and liberation two thousand years ago, and has created the immortal image of the leader of the uprising, Spartacus.