Thousand Doors

Thousand Doors (Original Novel of Yunxiang Biography)
Other names: 千门(云襄传小说原著)
Author: Fang Baiyu
Genre: Novel, Wuxia Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In order to build a racetrack, the family of the Nangong family seized Luojiazhuang on the outskirts of Yangzhou as their own, and designed to take away the fiancee of Luo Wenjia, a talented talent in Luojiazhuang. Below, I learned the “Secrets of the Thousand Doors” from the predecessor of the Qianmen Yunxiaofeng, and inherited the position of the master of the Qianmenmen. Under the name of Yunxiaofeng’s son Yunxiang, he wisely fought the arena.


Wedge (The Gate of a Thousand Doors)