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One-key training system instantly millions

One-key training system instantly millions
Other names: 一键修炼系统瞬间百万级
Author: D cat
Genre: Novel, Action
Release: 2020
Status:  Chapter 2980 Final Battle


“Ding! The first function is activated, automatic training is turned on, and the training speed is equal to a super evildoer!” “Ding! The function is upgraded, the training speed is doubled, the function is upgraded again, the training speed is doubled again!” “Ding! The second function is activated , Turn on automatic martial arts…” “Ding! The third function is activated…” Is it difficult to practice? I’m sorry that one day of cultivation is equivalent to decades of cultivation for you! Is it difficult to practice? Sorry, I can easily learn countless exercises without doing anything! Alchemy is difficult? Not good intentions…


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