Tang Niezi

Tang Niezi
Other names: 大唐孽子
Author: Nanshantang
Genre: Novel, time travel, Military history
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“History Shuangwen” stayed up all night, and Li Kuan returned to Datang and became Li Shimin’s second son, the king of Chu, Li Kuan. He was once the head of the four evils in Chang’an City, and was the wicked son in Li Shimin’s mouth. He is the thorn in the eyes of the family and the best partner of honor. He is the God of Wealth in the eyes of merchants and the savior in the eyes of craftsmen. He is a booster of agricultural development and the founder of science and technology. He is the nightmare of Fanbang’s vassal state, and he is the hero of the Tang Dynasty’s expansion of territories. …Let’s look at Li Kuan, with the help of the “all-rounder system”, leading the people of Datang to a well-off life.


Chapter 1 “The Great Tang Niezi”
Chapter 2 Lord, this can’t be sold