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Twenty Your Life On 二十不惑 Episode 29 Recap

Zhao Cheng and Zhao Changming apologized, and then went to read a book with fruit. Zhao Changming asked Qu Wan if she was worried too. She said that she didn’t care, just didn’t want her son’s college entrance examination to be affected in any way, and then asked Zhao Changming to come back and take a shower no matter how late it was, and not to bring in the ash from outside. Then left.

Zhao Changming was stunned. From Qu Wan’s words, she knew that Zhao Changming was really cheating.

Luo Yan came out of the dormitory and met Jiang Xiaoguo. The two people talked about Zhao Changming’s derailment. Lu Ran called. Luo Yan decided to find a time to explain the matter to Lu Ran, and then she planned to find it first. Her mother.

Wei Yunjie and Zhao Changming were dealing with public opinion matters in the office. When Luo Yan came over, she just saw Zhao Changming’s hand on her mother’s hand, and Luo Yan became angry.

After Zhao Changming went out, Wei Yunjie asked her why she was here. Luo Yan said that she read those articles and was afraid that she would be exposed, so she hurried over to accompany her. In the end, they were together again or they were not separated at all.

Wei Yunjie and Luo Yan explained that they were indeed separated, but now there is a problem in the future, she is here to solve the work. Wei Yunjie said that they had worked for more than ten years, and if they were cut off immediately, the company would suffer great losses.

When Luo Yan heard her words, she tore off the gauze from her head and said why she had to bear it. This is what Zhao Changming’s son did. He thought he was Zhao Changming’s junior. Luo Yan left after speaking.

Zhao Xiaojuan could n’t come back, Duan Jiabao and Liang Shuang decided to find another child to take pictures with Liang Shuang. Although they were not as cute as Zhao Xiaojuan, they really had no choice.

Liang Shuang and Duan Jiabao brought another child to the activity. Duan Jiabao gave the person in charge a small gift, so they understood. And two people discovered that there was a yellow umbrella at the event.

Zhao Youwei came back and went to the old place. Xiong Zhi told him Liang Shuang and they were looking for him everywhere these days. Zhao Youwei said that Zhao Xiaojuan was left in Beijing, and he was not so needed. Xiong Zhi said that he shouldn’t run either.

Zhao Weiliang said that he would go to Yangmei Keng to shoot the meteor shower first, and then apologize to them when he comes back. After eating for a while, Zhao Weiliang went home again after packing up his things.

Jiang Xiaoguo was about to be transferred back to Zhou Xun’s group. Ding Mengzhou said that because Jiang Xiaoguo told them about the future, he gave Jiang Xiaoguo a computer.

After get off work, Ding Mengzhou came to Zhou Xun’s office and said that the computer had been given to Jiang Xiaoguo. He asked Zhou Xun why he didn’t give it to her. Zhou Xun thought that Jiang Xiaoguo’s computer could only record by hand during the meeting, but only said that he was afraid of her pride.

Duan Jiabao and Xiong Zhi were walking on the road. Xiong Zhi asked Duan Jiabao to see the meteor shower. Duan Jiabao searched the place called Yangmei Keng. Suddenly, she saw the ugly picture of Liang Shuang on the Internet.

After returning to the dormitory, Duan Jiabao told Liang Shuang about Huang Xiaosanhei. She has already contacted the brand and will release Liang Shuang’s high-definition pictures shortly. But there was a sudden call to inform them that they were not sent, because someone had already sent a private message to scold them, and I would like to talk about future cooperation.

Liang Shuang intends to clarify by herself and ask Duan Jiabao to post videos from the perspective of passersby, but Duan Jiabao said that she was busy with the brand and did not make the video.

Luo Yan and Lu Ran were walking on the road, and Lu Ran said that Zhao Cheng gave her two tickets to apologize. Luo Yan told Lu Ran about Zhao Changming and her mother, and she accepted whether Lu Ran wanted to stay or leave. Lu Ran hesitated, Luo Yan took the bag and left by herself.

Jiang Xiaoguo and Wendy were on the bus. Wendy asked Jiang Xiaoguo why the accident happened in the future, because Mr. Zhou told the media about Zhao Changming’s derailment, or he himself went to the financial scene to send the information.

Jiang Xiaoguo was in a daze in the car, thinking that the more scared things would happen, then he sent a message to Ding Mengzhou asking if he could stay in her group.

Jiang Xiaoguo walked downstairs to the dormitory and didn’t go up, but just happened to meet Luo Yan. Luo Yan asked Jiang Xiaoguo to accompany him. Jiang Xiaoguo and Luo Yan told their boss about Zhao Changming’s derailment. Jiang Xiaoguo apologized to Luo Yan, but Luo Yan did not forgive her and ran away.

Because of the photos, Liang Shuang several clients canceled their contract with her, so Liang Shuang scolded Duan Jiabao angrily. Duan Jiabao also felt too wronged, so the two quarreled. Luo Yan still cursed the two of them to stop.

Although Duan Jiabao had a quarrel with Liang Shuang, he was still helping her pull the advertisement. Xiong Zhi prepared herbal tea for Duan Jiabao. Duan Jiabao thought that Liang Shuang had a lot of acne recently, so he planned to take two bottles back.

Jiang Xiaoguo wrote a transfer application to Zhou Xun, and Zhou Xun asked the reason. Jiang Xiaoguo directly said that it was Zhao Changming’s. Zhou Xun told Jiang Xiaoguo not to care too much about the feelings between her classmates. After all, everyone went their separate ways after graduation, but Jiang Xiaoguo said it was her friend and it has always been.

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