Chief Female Forensic Doctor

Chief Female Forensic Doctor
Other names: 首席女法医, The Chief Female Forensic Doctor
Author:  Tan Xiaoqiao
Genre: Novel, suspenseful, romance
Release: Unknown
Status: 147 End


He used to be the proud son of the University of A medical school. Four years later, he was the senior inspector of the serious crime team. She was once a medical waste that everyone spurned by Mr. A. Four years later, he became a forensic pathologist. A bizarre In the fire, they had the first intersection of their lives. He and her met again, the woman was not married, but the man was married.

This article is suspenseful case + romantic romance. Those who love to watch detectives and solve crimes should jump into the pit!

He used to be the proud son of the School of Medicine of University A, but suddenly disappeared. Four years later, he was a senior inspector of the crime team. She was once a medical waste material rejected by Master A, but suddenly a small universe broke out. Four years later, she became a forensic pathologist.
A bizarre fire opened the prelude to the case… He meets her again, the woman is unmarried, and the man is married. With a small bleeding spot in the eyes of the deceased, she was sure: “This old man died of homicide.”

The female corpse in the sack in the rural garbage dump, the killer in the corridor, the death of the girl,
The blood on the egg, the old man in the cigarette shop, the cut nose, the marionette, a red hair… He and her were busy at the scene of various cases, seeing you when you looked up. When everyone praised their perfect cooperation, he appeared in major media with his wife in a high-profile manner. When she fought fiercely with the foreigner, he took the foreigner away and detained it on suspicion of sexual harassment. During the anti-vice operation, he broke into the door and hit her naked in the bathroom. She squeezed her ears and screamed, “Hooligan!”


I’m embarrassed for the first time
001 Reunion at the scene of the crime
002 Surprised that he is married
003 Give me the phone number
004 Bar Compensated Dating Girl
005 Help change clothes
006 The Fall
007 Helps digestion
008 More chatting is a good thing
009 Unexpected Harvest
010 Locked on the suspect
011 Uninvited
012 An unannounced visit
013 Deep into the den of thieves
014 The Suspect Locked
015 The Return of the Senior
016 Three Persons
017 The fertile water does not flow into the outsider’s field
018 I’m so jealous
019 The hunk has a good body
020 No Love in Marriage
021 Arrest the suspect
022-I’m Sorry
023 Family of Suspicious Deceased
… …
131 Five Murder Cases
132 Bloody Ziyu
133 Emergency in operating room
134 x Dysfunction
135 The Murderer
136 Causes of Mental Disorders
137 That’s it
138 The Cut Off Nose
139 Familiar Gardenia Fragrance
140 Unexpected Discovery of Lock Picking
142 Confession
143 I’m Sorry
144 I’m Sorry
145 Going to get a certificate to have a baby
146 Finale
147 The Finale
Extraordinary 1 Dad is not easy to be a
Qiaoqiao asks for support after the vicious new pit
It is outrageous to recommend Mr. Wen Wanrong from Ji Chi
Recommend the fake psychologist Zhuzi Yao