Chapter 1 Disgusting truth


A few sharp stones rolled into the dry well, Jiujiu opened his eyes violently in fright, and leaned back in a panic subconsciously!

The bottom of the well was dark and gloomy, the light was dim, and the wine and wine shook his body into a ball, and his hands were tightly guarding his stomach.

The baby seemed to be taken aback and kicked uncomfortably. Tang Jiujiu hurriedly stretched out his hand to caress the abdomen, comforting the baby silently.

Raise your head,

Seeing the ray of stars cast down through the gaps in the long withered grass, teardrops slipped from the corners of his eyes.

This is… the eighty-fourth sun!

She has been locked in a dry well in the back mountain of the Tang family villa for more than six months.

And the child in her belly is about to be born in twenty-five days!

The big screen on the wall of the dry well suddenly lit up, and Jiujiu hurriedly raised his hand to cover his eyes, but the flirtatious voice of the dog and the man still pierced into his ears.

“How bad are you, this is the kitchen!”

Tang Yining blushed and beat the man who hugged him from behind, while the handsome man saw her wanting to refuse, his eyes were hot, his lips curled up with a wicked smile, and he moved more boldly. stand up.


The bowls and chopsticks dropped to the ground, mixed with Tang Yining’s delicate scream, clearly passed into Jiujiu’s ears, and the sound became louder and louder…

Jiujiu cried, opened his blood-red eyes, staring bitterly at the man and woman on the big screen.

——Mo Xiuyuan and Tang Yining!

Tang Yining deliberately fluttered forward, his face close to the camera, and he smiled triumphantly, zooming in continuously, as if he could see the poor wine and wine through the screen.

This is the big TV she deliberately installed at the bottom of the well in order to torture Jiujiu, so that she can see clearly that it is Tang Yining that Mo Xiuyuan really loves!

“Xiu Yuan, who is more beautiful than Jiujiu?”

Sweat beads fell on Xiao Xiuyuan’s forehead, and he was drunk. He hugged Tang Yining in his arms and laughed.

“I don’t remember what she looks like anymore, and I have never liked her. I always love you, Yining, I really love you!”

“Xiuyuan, I love you too!”

Looking at their entangled figures in the kitchen, listening to their affectionate words, wine and wine clutched their painful heart, tears falling in big drops.

Anger is burning…

Jiujiu gritted her teeth, holding her chubby belly, supporting the mud and rocks on the wall of the well, trying to stand up and smash the TV, but she was too skinny, six months of torture, a bowl of gruel a day, She was already skinny, with only an awkward belly left.

Mo Xiuyuan,

Not only her boyfriend, but also the father of the child in her belly!

In order to stimulate the wine and make her suffer, Tang Yining always deliberately did such things with Mo Xiuyuan, not only in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom, garden, roof…everywhere in the villa was left by them, every time, Tang Yining would hide the pinhole camera first, and then perform this kind of drama in front of her.

As for her Tang Jiu Jiu, Tang Yining and Madam Tang prescribed medicine, and when she was in a coma, she was locked in here!


She fantasizes in despair every day that Mo Xiuyuan can see her previous feelings, pity her and save her, but six months later, he only cared about being crazy with Tang Yining, and didn’t even mention her name!

From beginning to end, he was a liar through and through!

“Xiu Yuan, she has been locked in a well for more than six months, don’t you miss her at all?”

Tang Yining looked at the invisible camera, with triumphant and arrogant expressions in her eyes. She held Mo Xiuyuan in her arms and asked him.

In the dry well, Jiujiu was holding his head, and his liver and gallbladder were torn apart!

“What do you want her to do? It is estimated that the corpse was eaten by the rats, and the well should be filled in by the time. Don’t let people know it.”

Mo Xiuyuan had long been fascinated by Tang Yining’s delicate body. He only wanted her passion and the help of the Tang family. He was desperately crazy. He didn’t want to care about the life and death of Tang Jiu. That stupid woman thought he liked her. Well, after knowing that the Tang family still wanted to support Tang Yining, he immediately changed his mind. He held Tang Yining and whispered in her ear.

“Baby, have the shares and real estate of Tang Jiu Jiu been transferred?”

“Turning around, everything belongs to me, and my mother knows it too. Her adoptive father and mother were in a car accident, and I am afraid they are also dead. Xiu Yuan, until now, she thought that the child in her belly belonged to you. Woolen cloth.”


Mo Xiuyuan made a contemptuous voice, but his heart was filled with jealousy and rage inexplicably.

That night, he was going to make Tang Jiu Jiu, but he rushed over and happily opened the door, but there was no Tang Jiu Jiu figure inside.

As soon as Mo Xiuyuan appeared in his mind that Tang Jiujiu was rolling with other men, he was so angry that he lost his reason, smashed everything in the room, and roared like crazy. Later…Tang Yining appeared next to him. .

Tang Yining was enthusiastic, beautiful, and sexy and charming, and he got together without any effort at all.

Thinking that the slut Tang Jiujiu had been slept by other men long ago, Mo Xiuyuan had no feelings in his eyes, panting and sneering.

“The wild species, whoever wants to recognize it, don’t rely on me.”

There was a painful scream in Jiujiu’s throat. Tang Yining took the medicine and harmed her throat. In addition, she did not speak in the first half of the year. She could not say a complete sentence anymore. She really wanted to stand up and smash the big screen. But the men and women on the screen are inseparable in love and scores, and they are constantly in the kitchen…

All the secrets were exposed in front of Jiujiu, and she was heartbroken to see her scolding her eyes!

It turned out to be them…

Mom and Dad were killed by Tang Yining, they were Tang Yining’s biological parents! !

Yining is the adopted daughter of the Tang family, and Jiujiu is the serious Tang family eldest. However, Tang’s father and mother loves Tang Yining and hates her biological daughter very much.

Mrs. Tang even hoped that she would return to her original family and not affect Yining’s development. Tang Yining was already an Ancheng socialite. Suddenly there was another daughter like this in the Tang family, which made them feel ashamed.

When all the truth appeared in front of her eyes like Chi Guoguo, Jiujiu felt very disgusting, so disgusting that she didn’t want to live anymore.

Since everyone in the Tang family wanted her to die.

Then die!

She lay on the withered grass, motionless, what lingered in her mind were their dirty things and the ruthless abandonment of her parents.

The wind pressed in from the well, and it was icy on his face, Jiujiu lifted his teary and blurred eyes, ah ah, wept bitterly…

The child in her belly seemed to be frightened as well, becoming more and more uneasy. Jiujiu hugged her belly, her heart trembling fiercely, and she cried in her heart.

“I’m sorry, kid, I’m sorry…”

“If I can, I will give birth to you and raise you well, but Mommy is incompetent, I’m afraid I won’t even have the chance to meet you.”

Despair is like a long river with no end, and no hope. I don’t know how long it took before the branches on the mouth of the dry well were pushed away… There was a rustling sound…

Jiujiu’s dim eyes lit up, and she stretched out her hand to the mouth of the well, and yelled twice. She wanted to say a few words, but she couldn’t say it anymore. The unpleasant voice made her sweat dripping.

There was a sharp pain in the abdomen, and the blood suddenly rushed out like a tide, and the bloody smell was instantly clear at the bottom of the well.

Jiujiu stretched out her hand, vaguely saw the blood was full, and the fear spread rapidly in her eyes… Desperately reaching out and dialing something to make a noise, she wanted the people at the wellhead to find out, and then rescue her out.

She is going to have a miscarriage, the baby is having a problem, and she is bleeding now.

The people above seemed to have heard something, and paused for a while. After ten seconds, something more fiercely banged down, and the smell of gasoline instantly filled the bottom of the well.


It was another two barrels of gasoline whose lids had been opened, gushing out wildly, soaking everything at the bottom of the well, and soon… it was stained at the feet of the wine.

The wine smelled of gasoline, she was so frightened that she wept, rubbing against the wet soil, desperately backing away, she wanted to hide away, wanted to escape.


Who can help me!

The heart was screaming, but her body was awkward. She couldn’t run away, nor could she avoid it. She was so desperate that the alcohol could see death, and even…they saw the faces of the adoptive parents in the car accident, and they waved to her.


When the tears slid down, she watched a sparkle of smoke falling on it, like a time bomb, with a bang, the flames were everywhere, and the fire spread quickly to the surroundings.

The smoke and scorching heat pounced on the wine, and the wine panicked holding his stomach and crawling desperately to the place where there was no fire.

The blood dragged a long mark under her body.

The child moved in his stomach, and suddenly became quiet again. Drinking and drinking desperately stroking his stomach, ah ah hoarse shouting…screaming…but the child just didn’t move.

Thick smoke poured into her nose, and the flames approached every inch, and the burning flame reflected the desperate and pale tears of wine…

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