Farmer’s Little Girl

Farmer’s Little Girl
Other names: 农家小福女
Author: Yu Yuzhu
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The fourth brother of the Zhou family lost the gambling, his mother was seriously ill, and the people in the casino wanted Man Bao to sell himself to pay off his debts.

Everyone in the village said that the good days of Zhou’s baby had come to an end, and the old lady was crying with a small hand full of treasures.

Man Bao held the system and led his brothers and sisters to open up wasteland, plant land, plant medicinal materials, and open shops…

As the days go by, the better, but the sister-in-laws begin to worry about their marriage.

Man Bao pursed his mouth and smiled: “I have already thought about it, so I chose the bamboo horse Bai Shanbao who was beaten up by me since childhood.”