Twenty Your Life On 二十不惑 Episode 35 Recap

Zhao Youwei asked Liang Shuang to pretend to be his girlfriend to eat with his parents, if Liang Shuang doesn’t go to Duan Jiabao .

After returning home, Duan Jiabao and Jiang Xiaoguo called and talked about it. Jiang Xiaoguo felt that they didn’t like Zhao Youwei anyway , it was the same for anyone. Then the three people in the dormitory also knew that Jiang Xiaoguo was sleeping on Zhou Xun ‘s bed. After hanging up the phone, Jiang Xiaoguo still couldn’t sleep excitedly.

Luo Yan was watching Zhao Changming ‘s cartoon humanoid stand, Lu Ran sent a message, it was the ticket collection information for a movie ticket, and then said that he had a showdown with his parents, and he would be with Luo Yan anyway. Luo Yan smiled happily.

Jiang Xiaoguo got up, Zhou Xun’s father brought her breakfast to the table, saying that it was Zhou Xun’s cooking, and told Jiang Xiaoguo many things about Zhou Xun. After Jiang Xiaoguo had eaten, Zhou Xun’s father found Zhou Xun’s cell phone downstairs, so Jiang Xiaoguo said she was going to give it to Zhou Xun.

Jiang Xiaoguo took the phone to Zhou Xun and told him Ding Mengzhou was looking for him, but Zhou Xun did not return the call. Zhou Xun asked Jiang Xiaoguo if he was disappointed to see him like this. Jiang Xiaoguo said that he was a little bit, and then began to praise Zhou Xun and comfort Zhou Xun. Zhou Xun asked Jiang Xiaoguo why he hadn’t become smarter after coming to the company for so long, and then went downstairs.

Zhao Weiliang took Zhao Xiaojuan to take a photo with Liang Shuang. After taking the photo, he asked them who was going to eat with him, and both of them said there was something. Zhao Weiliang said that this is not his own business, but the studio’s business, and they can’t blame themselves if something goes wrong without them. Then he took Zhao Xiaojuan away.

Luo Yan and Lu Ran went out to watch a movie. Luo Yan asked Lu Ran how he had a showdown with his parents. Lu Ran said that he and his parents said that he could not be separated from Luo Yan. Moved.

When it came time to pick up the money, Lu Ran was told that his ticket was for next week, and Luo Yan had known it a long time ago. Lu Ran asked Luo Yan why he didn’t tell him, and Luo Yan told him that they could not meet today. Although it was not seen as a movie, Lu Ran took Luo Yan to the beach to put the drifting bottle.

Zhao Weiwei’s parents were waiting for his girlfriend, Zhao Weiwei pretended to call her girlfriend and said she was going to see the client, but she couldn’t push. As soon as his parents said, let’s eat, Duan Jiabao came in, and Zhao Weiliang secretly stringed lines with her, and then introduced Duan Jiabao to his parents.

As soon as Duan Jiabao sat down, Liang Shuang came in again. Seeing Duan Jiabao, Liang Shuang said that she knew they were eating here, and because she usually worked with Zhao Weiwei, she came to visit, then put down her things and left.

Duan Jiabao came back a long time after Liang Shuang returned to the dormitory. When Duan Jiabao came back, he told Liang Shuang that she seemed to like Zhao Weiwei. This was a feeling she didn’t have when she was with Xiong Zhi . Duan Jiabao asked her and Zhao Youwei if she could succeed, and Liang Shuang said he would help her in the future.

After a while, Duan Jiabao talked to Jiang Xiaoguo and Luo Yan, and both of them supported Duan Jiabao.

The next day, Duan Jiabao and Duan Zhenyu chatted together. Duan Zhenyu said that he would not go to the training camp. Duan Jiabao asked why, Duan Zhenyu asked what would Jiang Xiaoguo do after he left. Duan Jiabao persuaded Duan Zhenyu to give up.

Then Duan Jiabao said that she now has someone she likes, Duan Zhenyu said she is a scumbag, and Duan Jiabao said that she has met the parents of the person she likes now, so she must seize the opportunity.

Jiang Xiaoguo received the call and found that Xunda’s market share was 70%, while Puling only had 15%. Jiang Xiaoguo hurried out to find Zhou Xun. Seeing Zhou Xun standing on the beach, she thought Zhou Xun couldn’t think about it. .

Jiang Xiaoguo persuaded Zhou Xun to buy and sell the boxes, but Zhou Xun said that there are new technologies for box shopping. After the new technology comes out, Yixian will not be able to compare with box shopping, and the price war cannot last.

Duan Zhenyu knew from Duan Jiabao that Jiang Xiaoguo had gone to find Zhou Xun, so he also found it, and then saw the two people going for a walk after dinner.

Lu Ran and Luo Yan were walking on the road, and they were blocked by Lu Ran’s mother. They asked Lu Ran how to move back to the dormitory without saying a word. Lu Ran said there was nothing to say, and then took Luo Yan away.

Luo Yan asked Lu Ran why she lied to herself again. Lu Ran said that if she didn’t lie, she couldn’t see her, couldn’t face Zhao Cheng mother and son, and couldn’t do many things. Luo Yan and Lu Ran broke up, and then defied Lu Ran to stay away.

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