The Eight 外八行 Episode 23 Recap

Hua Minchu and Xishui discussed the capture of the thieves and the king. They wanted to attack Bai Jin together. A masked woman in black suddenly stood up and fought with them. Hua Minchu and Xishui desperately got rid of their entanglement, worried that they would startled the snake, so they had to return first. In Mocheng, Xishui suspected that the man in black was a member of the black yarn party. Hua Min didn’t believe it at the beginning. In fact, the masked black man was the nine parties of the black yarn party and the sister of one party.

Ke Tu was covered with porcelain pieces and came out to challenge. Feng Bennuo asked him to leave his last words. Ke Tu laughed at death. He urged Ke Shu aloud that he became a great Mo class teacher one day. Remember to help him in front of the Patriarch. Greetings, Ke Tu’s proudest person in this life is Shen Le Ke Shu. Ke Shu desperately broke free from the shackles, but the windows and doors were locked. He tried his best to hit the door and suddenly heard Feng Bennuo’s gunshots. Kotu fell into a pool of blood on the spot.

When Hua Min heard the gunshots, he drove back to Mocheng with Xishui. Ke Shu smashed open the door. Feng Bennuo had already taken the people away. Ke Shu knelt down beside his father’s body and howled, Hua Min Chu He Xia Shui rushed back to Mocheng and saw this tragic scene. That night, Ke Shu put on sackcloth and Dai Xiao to guard the spirit of his father, and the old and young from Mocheng came to pay burial for Ke Tu. Early Huamin was very distressed and kindly persuaded Ke Shu.

Feng Bennuo rushed back to ask Bai Jin for credit, and decided to start siege tomorrow morning. Li Jue and Huagu hid aside and drew a detailed drawing of Lao Liquan’s military deployment. They just wanted to go back to report the letter when they suddenly saw the masked man in black. , The masked black man Jiufang also saw them hiding in the grass. Just about to come over and kill him, Lao Liquan’s people suddenly appeared. Jiufang hurriedly escaped, and Li Jue and Huagu escaped.

Hua Minchu convened four joint gallery owners to discuss countermeasures, fearing that Feng Bennuo would threaten those Moban masters who were walking with him and force them to open the city gate. Hua Minchu suggested that Kongcheng plan to deal with Lao Liquan’s attack and let them help Ke. Shu, Xishui also tried to persuade her. She witnessed the same ruin. She didn’t want Moban to repeat the same mistakes. The four gallery owners couldn’t think of a better way for a while and had to agree to Hua Minchu’s proposal.

After Ke Tu’s death, Ke Shu was depressed. He locked himself in the room. The four gallery owners and Moban disciples came to persuade Ke Shu. Hua Minchu and Xi Shui also came to encourage Ke Shu to lead everyone against Lao Liquan. People, Ke Shu finally plucked up the courage to face everyone. He called on the disciples of the Moban to unite to defend Mocheng, and use their respective expertise to fight to the end with the people of Lao Liquan. Ke Shu decided to join forces with Hua Minchu to organize a counterattack. Everyone The sentiment was exciting, Li Jue and Huagu hurried back to Mocheng.

Zhong Yao came to Yuzhi’s gang at the beginning of Huamin. Yuzhi kept saying that Lao Liquan had lost, and Ke Shu had stepped up to lead the people in Mocheng, and Mocheng would be invincible. Ke Shuli made careful arrangements and gave the Moban disciples a detailed division of labor, and everyone prepared separately. Early the next morning, Ke Shu ordered all the four gates of Mocheng to be opened. Bai Jin felt uneasy, but Feng Bennuo was confident.

Bai Jin ordered a full-scale siege of the city. The people from Laoliquan rushed into Mocheng. Li Jue first stood up and attracted their ideas. He stunned them with drugs. Huagu beat them with hidden weapons and fled. Ke Shu gave an order. Mocheng suddenly became raging, and Lao Liquan’s people were smoked and howling. Ke Shu ordered to shoot through the water tanks. When the motor met the water, the disciples of Lao Liquan twitched electrically. The next step was to splash kerosene, and then again. When it was lit, Lao Liquan’s disciples were trapped in the raging fire.

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