The Queen of the Divine Doctor has room

The miracle doctor has room
Other names: 神医王妃有空间, The Queen of the Divine Doctor has room
Author: Xiao Hanyan
Genre: Novel
Release: 2020
Status:  Chapter 837 End


The genius genius doctor Nian Ruyi crossed to a qi bag and sent it under the fence. The cousin’s aunt was unkind. What, cousin eats, let her stand and pick up vegetables?

Damn, it’s for you, do you dare to swallow it?

What, but if you feed your cousin a big caterpillar, you will be punished to kneel for three days and three nights?

Hum, give my cousin a psychedelic medicine and let my cousin kneel on her behalf. What, the unscrupulous cousin wants to marry her to a fool?

The uncle is willing to bear it, but the aunt can’t bear it. A black pill directly sent the cousin to the fool kang.

One day, a certain man stared at her dangerously, “Looking at my body, this is my princess, don’t even want to run.”

“Then what.” A certain woman counseled, “Or, I will show it to you too, I have the idea, you can look back, and you won’t suffer.”

Some masculine, pack this woman away.