When the president’s husband went bankrupt

When the president’s husband went bankrupt,
Other names: 当总裁老公破产以后
Author: There is no wind, rain or sunshine
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: 1004 Fanwai: finally waiting for you


When she woke up, Lin Jiaojiao found that she had traveled through the book, and had resurrected herself, and became the wife of the cannon fodder boss in the book! In this article about Marie Su’s explosion, Gong Juesheng was the biggest villain boss. He was maimed by the male protagonist and went bankrupt. The villain’s wife couldn’t accept the gap between the wealthy and the lady and died, and then she came. . Lin Jiaojiao looked at the poverty-stricken house, her husband who was seriously ill and bedridden, and her sons and daughters waiting to be fed. She said, can I cross again? ! On how the villain boss takes his wife and children, and tramples on the hero and heroine!