The wildest ancestor in history

The wildest ancestor in history
Other names: 史上最狂老祖
Author: Yanling Xianjun
Genre: Novel, Martial Arts
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Ten thousand years ago, the great demon king Lin Tian became an invincible legend in the human world. Ten thousand years later, Lin Tianxiu’s “Reincarnation Killing Heaven Jue” returned to his hometown. The first major sect he once founded has become an incompetent sect, and the whereabouts of the disciples are unknown. The most damning thing is that the disciples and grandchildren are oppressed by others. In a rage, Lin Tian tore the sky with one hand and stomped the ground, letting countless immortals be buried with him!

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 001
Chapter 002 Awakening
Episode 003
Chapter 004 Holy Spirit Beast
Chapter 005
Chapter 006
Chapter 007 Don’t want to stay, just get out of here!
Chapter 008
Chapter 009 The use of ancient spells shocked!
Chapter 010 If you don’t keep your word, then go to death!
Chapter 011 Shocked The Jaw Is Falling Down!
Chapter 012
Chapter 013 Directly hit the field, and get the spirit stone!
Chapter 014 The magical Dantian under the Samsara Slaying the World!
Chapter 015 A nest of snakes and rats, get out if you don’t want to die!
Chapter 016 A real person with a great background!
Chapter 017 Whoever touches the scales is all dead!
Chapter 018 Acknowledge the Little Girl as a Sister!
Chapter 019 Miss Tian’s “Fear”!
Chapter 020 Draw a Symbol to Find a Female Fairy!
Chapter 021 The threat of the fairies doesn’t work for him!
Chapter 022 Let’s Go Together, Don’t Waste Time!
Chapter 023 Saying “I” Has No Spiritual Root, That Is Your Ignorance
Chapter 024 The dancing flame on the sword attracts everyone’s ridicule

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