Ge Shi Di Zun

Ge Shi Di Zun
Other names: 盖世帝尊
Author: Emperor Chen
Genre: Novel, Fantasy
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


The young Ye Bufan, a domestic slave, awakened the bloodline of the Profound Rank, and became the first genius of Baiyu City! In order to repay the great favor, he willingly enters the family of Du Linger for Du Linger! Of course, on the wedding night, his wife was tied up, her blood was taken away, and she became a waste. But unexpectedly awakened the supreme bloodline and achieved the eucharist of Nirvana! Mysterious bones, weird life experience, look at the extraordinary young people, stepping on blood and going against the sky.

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Bloody Wedding Night
Chapter 2 Nierron’s Eucharist
Chapter 3 Du Linger’s physique of waste material?
Chapter 4 Du’s father and son
Chapter 5 Goodbye to Linger
Chapter 6 Du Linger’s Outbreak
Chapter 7 Who Said I Have No Strength
Chapter 8 After January, kill the Du family like a chicken and dog!
Chapter 9 Ye Bufan is already dead!
Chapter 10 The Sky Jade Mountains, the first manifestation of the eucharistic ability of Nierlong
Chapter 11 Two-headed Cheetah Siege
Chapter 12 The Iron Armored Spirit Rhinoceros Behaving Weirdly
Chapter 13 Cave Treasures

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