Chinese Drama

Love and Redemption

Also known: Beautiful Lady of Colored Glaze, Love and Redemption, 琉璃美人煞
Screenwriter: Liu Fang/ Li Huimin
Director: Yin Tao/ Mai Guanzhi
Starring: Yuan Bingyan/ Cheng Yi/ Liu Xueyi/ Zhang Yuxi/ Bai Shu/ Li Junyi…
Type: Lu Opera/ Drama/ Period Costume
First broadcast: August 06, 2020
Update: every Sunday to Wednesday at 20 o’clock
Episode: 59 episodes

Introduction: Chu Xuanji, a girl born with “Six Senses” incomplete in “Liu Li” and Li Ze Gong disciple Yu Sifeng Under the double pressure of love and conspiracy in the past life, a group of hot-blooded teenagers experienced hardships, experienced joys and sorrows, grew up and harvested all the way, and worked hand in hand against all kinds of blood and blood, creating a very colorful fairy tale legend.