Chinese Drama

Qipao Beauty Detective

AKA: Miss Aisi Detective Collection, 旗袍美探 , Miss S
Screenwriter: Jin Weiyi
Director: Deng Ke
Starring: Ma Yili/ Gao Weiguang/ Dong Xuan/ Bu Guanjin/ Wu Haochen/ Tian Niu…
Type: Lu Opera/ Love
Premiere: August 28, 2020
Update: 2 episodes every Sunday to Friday at 22:00
Episode: 34 episodes

Introduction: “Qipao Beauty Detective” The play tells about the detective Su Wenli and the detective from the Central Patrol Room of the French Concession Police Luo Qiuheng solved the unsolved case together. Inspector Luo Qiuheng of the patrol room has a calm personality, rigorous behavior, and integrity. Later, I met Su Wenli because of Su’s self-determination and love to intervene in cases, and she was quite resistant to her. Later, Luo Qiuheng gradually discovered that Su Wenli was smart, independent, and kind, and turned from appreciation to love.

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