Heroes 大侠霍元甲 Episode 25 Recap

Huo Yuanjia came to the arena and was still unwilling to compete. However, Master Ye held on to it. Huo Yuanjia had no choice but to make ten moves first to show respect for his predecessors. After the ten moves, Master Ye asked Huo Yuanjia to show off his real housekeeping skills, but Huo Yuanjia responded with Nanquan. In the competition, Huo Yuanjia suddenly changed his boxing skills and won Master Ye. Master Ye said that he was inferior to others and was convinced that he lost.

This way, he left Shanghai and returned to Guangdong. Huo Yuanjia persuaded the people, and Master Ye said that he lost. If you lose, you lose, and he is not so unable to lose. At this time, Batu asked Master Ye not to leave. All three of them signed the status of life and death. If only one of them can win, he immediately flew into the stage.

Huo Yuanjia said that wrestling is different from martial arts. Kung fu is against wrestling. Wrestling is very unfavorable. They shouldn’t compare with each other. Batu is also proud and said that as long as he wins himself, then he will tear up. The banner of this wrestling god. Immediately there was a fight with Fearless. Fearless won him without any effort, and Batu was about to tear off the flag. Huo Yuanjia persuaded him that the rules of wrestling were different from those of martial arts, so it would be a shame to tear it up. At this time, Daxia Lei also came on stage and asked him to wait a while. If he was left, he would definitely win Fearless.

As soon as Daxia Lei came to power, he carried a big sword, saying that he wanted to compete with Huo Yuanjia in weapons. Huo Yuanjia first gave him a few tricks. Liu Zhensheng went to him to get the Huo’s spear. Huo Yuanjia said that since Senior Lei took it. It’s a big sword, then go to Wang Wu ‘s big sword. Liu Zhensheng went into the house to take a broadsword. Mother Huo saw that it was not a fist, why did she get a weapon again, worried Huo Yuanjia, and hurried out to check. Huo Yuanjia was a little distracted seeing his mother’s arrival. Wang Yunying immediately came to Huo Mu to cheer for him. He asked him to concentrate on the game. Don’t be distracted by others. Huo Yuanjia said it was good. In that case, he would earnestly win three games than this last one.

Huo Yuanjia won the game. At the last move, Daxia Lei saw the word “Wang 52” engraved on Huo Yuanjia’s sword and asked him why this avenue was in his hands? Nong Jinsun explained to the side that Huo Yuanjia and Wang Wu were heroes of worship, and told everyone that Wang Wu had died under the gun of a foreigner, and it was Huo Yuanjia who went to Chaoyangmen to retrieve Wang Wu’s head regardless of his life. Everyone was a little puzzled, why did Huo Yuanjia write such a statement because he is such a man of love and righteousness?

At this time, the statement published in Huo Yuanjiadao News was not his original manuscript, but was tampered with by editor Cao. Editor-in-chief Cao admitted that it was his own random change of the statement. Everyone knew that this was a misunderstanding. Everyone hurriedly apologized, and Mr. Rong did not investigate the matter clearly. Huo Yuanjia took this opportunity to tell everyone the reason for opening Jingwu Sect. I hope everyone can practice martial arts together, keep fit, and take off the hat of the sick man of East Asia. .

More and more people came here admiringly. Chen Zhen saw the news of Huo Yuanjia’s opening of Jingwumen in Shanghai through the newspaper edited by Cao, and came back to tell the master, and then came to Shanghai Jingwu to prepare to kick the pavilion. Huo’s mother had nightmares for several days and didn’t sleep well. She dreamed that Huo Yuanjia was beaten to death in the ring. In order to relieve him, Huo Yuanjia promised that he would not compete in the ring again.

Liu Zhenshansheng brought his disciples to see the guy who was playing in the gym, preparing him and Xu Dayu to play against the guy who didn’t know how to be a good guy. Seeing that he was really invincible, Master Chen Zhen hurriedly used a hidden weapon to help him defeat Liu Zhensheng. At this time, Huo Yuanjia came out and saw him competing with Dayou Xu. Master Chen Zhen told Chen Zhen to attack Dayou Xu’s right leg. Won. Huo Yuanjia asked if there was a feast between him and Chen Zhen. Chen Zhen said that he just wanted to kill Huo Yuanjia. Huo Yuanjia ignored him and went straight to the old senior behind him.

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