Hello Singapore

Singapore is an archipelago country that is known as one of the smallest countries in the world. Singapore does not have a very clear history and has recently gained independence from British rule. a few years ago Singapore is located in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula. It is considered as one of the countries that founded ASEAN. Although Singapore is a small country, it has developed the country in every aspect until it is recognized as a developed country. The only country in Southeast Asia The topography of the island is an island, surrounded by water, but only The east side is the only direction that is facing the sea.

Singapore does not have natural resources that can be exported, but Singapore has established economic policies. Until being recognized by the world as a developed country. The government is stable and national. safe at the beginning Singapore’s monetary system uses the exchange rate to the Singapore dollar.

Although Singapore has many nationalities to live. There is a variety of cultural traditions various religions There are many languages ​​for communication. But the government can rule Take care of people to be one with many interesting attractions. This is another channel that can generate income for Singapore. a lot Each year, there are many tourists visiting Singapore. For this reason, Singapore has to set up strict rules, regulations, and laws to govern both domestic and foreigners. Violation of Singapore’s regulations will result in high penalties. Traveling, going to work or going to study requires studying the rules, regulations, laws, and regulations. must be stipulated in detail and prudence, otherwise, it may cause can be illegal.


Chapter 1 General Information of Singapore
Chapter 2 Geography of Singapore
Chapter 3 Social and Economic Characteristics of Singapore
Chapter 4 Arts, Culture and Traditions of Singapore
Chapter 5 Vocabulary and Sentences You Should Know in Daily Life
Chapter 6 Landmarks of Singapore
Chapter 7 Important information you should know when entering Singapore

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