My wife is on top: Shao Shao, high-profile pet

My wife is on top: Shao Shao, a high-profile pet
Other names: 娇妻在上:玺少,高调宠
Author: Xia Xingguang
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


In a conspiracy, she was forced to approach the man who was like an emperor instead of her sister! I thought it was an unrelated transaction, but who knew that this man was chasing him to the door! “Woman, you are mine, and other men who make you look more are death!” His domineering pet suffocated her and couldn’t provoke her. Can she escape? But who can tell her, when was the little nanny in her belly planted?

Chapter Lists:

This is your last chance
No woman refused him
She seems to have completely changed herself
He caught the wrong person
Replace me for a while
If you like it, pursue it
You are my thing
These men are all capital crimes
Never see you again
Something happened
Boyfriend looking in the trash
Stay here with me
Shenger, wait for me to come back
What secret do you have
You will fall in love with me sooner or later

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