Super Junior King

Super Junior King
Other names: 超级少年王
Author: Zhou Dashao
Genre: Novel
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


Everyone knows that he is the descendant of the demon gods of the two black and white gods, invincible and invincible in the world! Destroying the flowers in a horrible way, attracting countless women to bend their waists! Who knows that he is a dude, a waste of money and lust? What made him reborn and created one stunning legend after another?

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1: Never Give Up
Chapter 2: Dislike the weak
Chapter 3: Murdering the Little Husband
Chapter 4: The coming-of-age ceremony favored by the god of death
Chapter 5: Inheritance of the Demon God
Chapter 6: Swear to be proud of the world
Chapter 7: Happy Everlasting City
Chapter 8: Meet Again
Chapter 9: You will regret it
Chapter 10: Looking at a soft heart
Chapter 11: Tournament
Chapter 12: Accidentally Killing You

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