Happiness Will Come Knocking Again 幸福还会来敲门 Episode 25 Plot

Mumu was talking all day about waiting for his mother to come back. Huang Zili looked at his expectant eyes, and his heart was unsuccessful. He lied that his mother was far away and came to see Mumu in dialect. Mumu couldn’t wait to ask her. In his mother’s situation, he repeatedly explained in dialect that his mother was treating a sick child, and promised to take him to the movies, and he went upstairs to pack things with joy.

Liu Manyu suddenly visited the house. She saw that the dialect was also in Zhong’s house, and she felt sour. Liu Manyu sighed at Zhong Qing’s sacrifice. Zhong Zhengdao came out of the room when he heard the news. Liu Manyu introduced herself as Huang Zili’s fiancée, and Zhong Zhengdao suddenly became angry.

Huang Zili hurriedly called Liu Manyu aside, repeatedly explaining that Zhong Zhengdao still didn’t know that he and Zhong Qing were going to divorce. Liu Manyu saw the harmony of the dialects coming downstairs, talking and laughing. Yin and Yang said that they and Huang Zili were like a family. People, forced Huang Zili to go shopping with her, Huang Zili categorically refused, Liu Manyu slammed the door and left.

The dialect was hurriedly chased out, and Liu Manyu asked her to tell Huang Zili that he must handle the Zhong family’s affairs within a month, otherwise they would break up, and the dialect was relayed to Huang Zili truthfully, so that he could comfort Liu Manyu, Huang Zili couldn’t let Zhong Zhengdao harmonize. Mu, dialect persuades him to handle the matter properly.

Huang Zili took the initiative to approach Liu Manyu to apologize, admitting that he was neglecting her during this period. Huang Zili has no way to marry Liu Manyu. Liu Manyu had to make concessions and promised to give him another two months. Huang Zili could not ignore Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony. Mu, Liu Manyu didn’t buy it. He kept saying that he and the Zhong family had nothing to do with him.

Huang Zili was urged to move out of the Zhong family as soon as possible. Three months later, they would get a marriage certificate. Huang Zili couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t confirm this. Liu Manyu couldn’t bear it. He felt that Huang Zili didn’t have her in his heart. Huang Zili admitted that he still loved Zhong Qing and couldn’t leave Zhong Zhengdao in harmony.

Huang Zili and Liu Manyu had a big quarrel when they didn’t agree with each other, and finally broke up. Before leaving, Huang Zili gave the key to the house to Liu Manyu and moved to Zhong’s house with his luggage. When he entered the door, he heard that Zhong Zhengdao was in the middle. There was a lot of noise, and he wanted to go out to find Huang Zili. He suspected that Huang Zili was abducted by Liu Manyu. Zhong Zhengdao saw Huang Zili go home before he was willing to go to dinner.

The dialect learned that Huang Zili and Liu Manyu had fallen out, and wanted to persuade Liu Manyu. Huang Zili had no time to take care of this. He wanted to take care of Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony first. Zhong Zhengdao heard that he wanted to bring Mumu to the movies, and he clamored to watch them together. Otherwise, he would not eat. Huang Zili took the whole family with him. An Xiaoduo and his fiance happened to also watch the movie. Dialect is with Huang Zili’s family. After the movie ended, the dialect sent Mu Mu to the door of his house, and he and Huang Zili left.

After watching the movie, An Xiaoduo called dialect and asked her about the relationship between Huang Zili and Huang Zili. She just tried to appease Mumu. The dialect witnessed Huang Zili’s actions in these days, and it did something to him. After gaining a new understanding, he felt that he was a kind and responsible man. He said many good things about Huang Zili in one breath. An Xiaoduo persuaded her not to go to extremes, suspecting that the dialect fell in love with Huang Zili, and repeatedly denied the dialect.

Liu Manyu couldn’t let go of Huang Zili, and couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to his mother. Unexpectedly, Huang Zili would give up their feelings for Zhong Zhengdao’s harmony. Her mother advised her to forget Huang Zili as early as possible. Forced too hard, causing the current situation beyond control. Liu Manyu begged her mother for help, and Ding Baozhen immediately decided to apologize for her.

Ding Baozhen bought a lot of gifts and came to Zhong’s house. She falsely claimed to be friends of Zhong Qing and his wife. She tried to get close to Zhong Zhengdao and bought toys for Mumu. Ding Baozhen went to the kitchen to help stew the ribs. Huang Zili was very moved. It was not until dark that Ding Baozhen left Zhong’s house. Huang Zili went out to send her away. Ding Baozhen apologized to him in place of Liu Manyu. Huang Zili admitted that he was also at fault. Ding Baozhen offered to help him take care of Zhong Zhengdao in harmony.