Emperor Yongzheng

Emperor Yongzheng
Other names: 雍正皇帝
Author: Er Yuehe
Genre: Novel, Historical Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Emperor Yongzheng” describes the little-known life of the Qing court, but it is not confined to the small Forbidden City. Elder brother party fights, murderous intent is faint, Long Court changes hands, Yong Zheng wins by a narrow margin. Change the edict, say the father kills, say the succession? A piece of history, a lot of suspicious clouds, confusing and confusing, is intractable.

The author writes essays with historical pens, and establishes history with essays. From the system of ordinances, palace architecture, food and clothing, etiquette and music, it is eloquent, and the book is strong; down to Goulan houses, temples, towns and villages, and ancient ferry trips, it slowly unfolds and has a variety of styles.

The elder brother competes, fights openly and secretly, every word seeks power and deceit; the actress, Kazuo, lingers around the beam, every sentence is heart-warming. The plot is laid out, the sky is ups and downs, the characters are shaped, the shades are suitable, and the plots are ingenious; taking thought as the classics, art as the latitude, a bird’s-eye view of history, and exploration of life are not for everyone.