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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 7 Recap

In the villa, Li Suhang went to take care of Xiang Qing, and Xiang Qing was surprised. By the pool, Xiang Qing was in a daze. Zhao Tianlei jumped into the pool and asked him what he was doing. Zhao Tianlei said that the swimming pool was a place to swim, not where you were in a daze. Then he asked Xiang Qing and stayed at home with Li Suhang all day. Not exciting? Xiang Qing said it was exciting. Zhao Tianlei said that just let Xiang Qing find a way to torture Li Suhang. Xiang Qing asked how the company is doing, and Zhao Tianlei said rest assured, the company is very good. Xiang Qing thought that although Li Suhang was a great demon, he was not completely unkind.

So she went to Li Suhang, and said that people who are quite hot are also very thirsty. Make her a cup of coffee and let him put more sugar. Li Suhang said that he would order takeaway, Xiang Qing said yes, you pay Li Suhang still rushed to her. After putting her coffee, Xiang Qing gave Li Suhang a note, saying that this was what she wanted to do. Li Suhang looked at it and said it was OK, and approved.

In the mall, Li Suhang accompanied Xiang Qing to go shopping. Xiang Qing asked Li Suhang to hold her an umbrella. Li Suhang asked her to stand in the shadows and don’t move. Xiang Qing said that you don’t fight and left. Li Suhang followed. On the one hand, Xiang Qing heard what she was talking about.

Xiang Qing said that she finally knew why Li Suhang had given her sunglasses, and then thanked Li Suhang. Li Suhang bought her a drink. In the evening, the two went home after shopping. Xiang Qing said that we would stop ordering takeaways tonight and let Li Suhang cook for her. Li Suhang said that it depends on my mood, so he entered the house and the kitchen.

Li Suhang watched the cooking video Learning to cook, Xiang Qing watched by the side, thinking that Li Suhang would not know how to cook, but found that he was doing well. Xiang Qing asked him if he knew how to cook. Li Suhang said he learned now, and Xiang Qing said he learned now. Are you doing so well? Li Suhang was right, who was like you, and then gave Xiang Qing a sip of soup, and Xiang Qing said it was okay.

By the pool, Xiang Qing fell asleep. Li Suhang was going to cover Xiang Qing with a quilt, but found that Xiang Qing woke up. Li Na saw Director Li, let go of Xiang Qing, come to me if there is any problem, Li Suhang left when he saw it. . In the evening, Li Na gave Zhao Tianlei something to eat. After putting down the things, she kept staring at Zhao Tianlei. Zhao Tianlei asked if there was anything wrong with me. Li Na asked him if he thought Xiang Qing had been weird recently. She had lost all of her to men recently. When she became interested, Li Na asked Zhao Tianlei to help her think of an idea to make Xiang Qing happy.

Zhao Tianlei agreed. Li Na said that I knew you were the best to me, and then fed Zhao Tianlei a fruit. In Li Suhang’s room, Li Suhang thought about helping Xiang Qing cover the quilt, so he sent an email to the professor and asked if his feminphobia had been cured. In Game City, Zhao Tianlei took Li Na Xiangqing to play. Zhao Tianlei was playing with a claw machine. He caught a lot of dolls.

After he caught the dolls, he sent the dolls to the orphanage. The children were very happy to see the dolls. Zhao Tianlei is still so caring, Xiang Qing said yes. Mr. Lang’s head office, Mr. Zhou told Mr. Lang that the matter was getting worse. The company only gave him one week. If he doesn’t handle it well, he will let him go and leave after speaking. Lang Yuyang said that they can only do this first.

The company, Xiang Qing returned to the company, and brought everyone delicious food. On the other side, Li Suhang showed Mr. Zhou the video of that day. Mr. Zhou asked him what he wanted. Li Suhang said he gave up and left after speaking. The next day, Li Na told Xiang Qing that there was good news, and Mr. Li helped her settle Mr. Lang’s affairs. Xiang Qing said that it meant I was all right? Li Na said of course, I can do whatever I want later, Xiang Qing said that I want to move out of the villa, and then Xiang Qing went to make this request to everyone, Liu Yue , Huang Zixuan and Zhao Tianlei did not agree.

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