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I Don’t Want To Run 花开有晴天 Episode 8 Recap

In the company, Zhao Tianlei said that according to reliable sources, their special affairs department was about to disband. Xiang Qing didn’t believe it. Liu Yue said that it’s not that simple. Let’s wait for the director to come back. Li Suhang came out, and a few people followed Li Suhang into the director’s office. Li Suhang said that in three months, Winnie Berry would sell millions. Li Suhang asked Liu Yue what you think. Liu Yue said there was no problem. Zhao Tianlei, Huang Zixuan and Xiang Qing also said that there was no problem.

Then a few people were disbanded, Li Suhang said Xiang Qing I stayed and assigned her a separate task. Xiang Qing said it was a good director. I promised to complete the task. Outside the office, colleagues were discussing Liu Kunkun. Xiang Qing was surprised when she heard that, and went back to her desk in despair.

Zhao Tianlei saw She looked like she asked her who bullied her and if she was a colleague. He was going to help her settle the accounts. Xiang Qing said it was not them, it was Li Suhang. Zhao Tianlei said then you should ask for more blessings. Xiang Qing said that I have something to ask you. , Asked Zhao Tianlei if he knew Liu Kunkun, Zhao Tianlei said he knew, and then heard that Xiang Qing was going to dock with Liu Kunkun, so he cheered her on. Liu Yue said, tell Xiang Qing not to listen to them nonsense, if Liu Kunkun is so terrible, then she won’t even think about picking up an order.

When Xiang Qing returned home, Li Na dressed Xiang Qing and asked Xiang Qing to see Liu Kunkun. Xiang Qing came to Liu Kunkun’s company downstairs, cheered herself up, and went upstairs. The front desk staff took her to meet Mr. Liu. Xiang Qing was about to introduce Mr. Liu Xiong Bass, Mr. Liu said she would watch it herself.

Mr. Liu looked at her dress, said that she did not look at the product, and said that Xiang Qing fits her liking, and then said that the hygiene in the office is a bit bad. I don’t know if Miss Xiang would have time to help. When Xiang Qing heard it, she said that she wrapped it on him. . At the company, Li Suhang asked Xiang Qing, Liu Yue said that she had gone to find Liu Kunkun, and Li Suhang asked the three of them to find Xiang Qing immediately. Here, Xiang Qing was cleaning Liu Kunkun’s company.

Li Na asked her to come back quickly. Xiang Qing said that as long as the project can be successful, she can be a nanny. Downstairs, Zhao Tianlei and three people came to Liu Kunkun’s company and found the front desk and said that they wanted to see Mr. Liu. The front desk said that he could not see Mr. Liu without an appointment. Then they asked the front desk about Xiang Qing. They heard that she was cleaning inside, and they were going to go in. Qing found out, but the front desk wouldn’t let them in.

After a while, when Xiang Qing came out of cleaning, she looked for Mr. Liu. He was told that Mr. Liu was off work. The front desk told Xiang Qing that Mr. Liu left a message for her, saying that she wanted to succeed, and she was not relying on things that were left in the door. In the evening, Xiang Qing was thinking about how to break through the million mark. Li Suhang gave her a document and told her to take a good look. In the morning, Huang Zixuan wore a skirt to see Xiang Qing, and said that he was relieved when she saw that Xiang Qing was fine. In the yard, Xiang Qing wanted to make something to eat. Liu Yue saw it and said that he would do it. Xiang Qing was very happy.

At this time, Li Ziyi came, Xiang Qing went to open the door for her, Liu Yue made things, and the three of them ate together. Ziyi told Liu Yue that she had good news and said that someone had bought Liu Yue before. The buyer wanted to interview Liu Yue, and later wanted to buy his paintings. Liu Yue Xiangqing was very happy after listening to it. Liu Yue exchanged ideas about his creation with Zi Yi.

On the rooftop, Xiang Qing told Li Na that she thought she was weak today. Li Na asked her what was going on. Xiang Qing said that she and Liu Yue were the only ones in the villa today, but today Li Ziyi came and they got together to chat. She didn’t understand anything, Li Na comforted her, saying that she would serve as a military adviser for her and promise to hang Li Ziyi. Villa, Li Na is helping with housework. At night, Huang Zixuan wanted to go out, Xiang Qing saw it, and Huang Zixuan told her not to tell others.

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