I Don’t Want To Run (2020) 花开有晴天

I Don’t Want To Run (2020)
Other Title: 花开有晴天 / 撩了我别想跑 / Liao Le Wo Bie Xiang Pao / Hua Kai You Qing Tian / Sunny day

Genres: drama, Comedy, Romance
 Feng Zihua
Release Date: 
Aug 26, 2020
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  • Xiao Yin as Xiang Qing
  • Bie Thassapak Hsu as Li Su Hang
  • Zhao Yue as Liu Yao
  • Fan Meng
  • Hong Lian Cheng
  • Li Chun Er

The story of a workplace rookie and four male colleagues with different personalities.

The two met again in the interview of the Haixing Group. After passing the test of Li Suhang, Xiang Qing officially became a member of the special business department and worked with four male gods with different personalities, namely “super super super central air conditioning” Liu Yue, who gave her more sunshine every day Huang Zixuan, a little vigorous boy, Tianlei, a poisonous tongue man who doesn’t talk too much, and Li Suhang, a department tyrant who always abuses his heart and occasionally sweets. In the work of the five people, they continue to explore the attributes of their products and resist the bad habits in the industry

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