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Maiden Holmes 少女大人 Episode 1 Recap

In the street teahouse, the storyteller is telling the legendary story of the God of War. Su Ci is under the Ministry of Mirror Department. This person is unreasonable, indifferent and has a very talented detective ability. At this time, Su Ci is walking through the hall downstairs. And pass. Su Ci followed the fugitive flower-picking thief to this place. Upstairs was the guest room of the brothel. Su Ci searched the rooms one by one, and in a blink of an eye he came to the room of King Qi Xiao Yanzhi. Xiao Yanzhi escaped from the enemy’s invasion and returned to the court and was dismissed. After the little emperor took the throne, he chose to temporarily retreat and no longer intervene in the affairs of the court.

In order to facilitate his actions, Xiao Yanzhi changed his name to Pei Zhao. Pei Zhao is playing hide-and-seek with a number of prostitutes. The blindfolded Pei Zhao embraced Su Ci who had just broken in and took Su Ci into his arms. Su Ci removed Pei Zhao’s veil and found that he had entered the wrong room. . Su Ci heard the sound in the next room and kicked the door of the next door open. A beautiful woman was lying in the arms of the client. Su Ci saw at a glance that the woman lying in the arms of the client was the flower thief Qianmen Langjun. .

Qianmian Langjun is good at disguising masters, but even if his disguising skills are high, he can’t escape Su Ci’s eyes. Qianmian Lang Jun did not recognize his identity, and instead questioned Su Ci’s framing him. Su Ci expressed his opinion, because the girls dancing here have bells tied to their ankles, so they take special care of their ankles, but Qianmian Lang Not only does Jun have rough ankles and body hair, it proves that he is not a woman.

What’s more, there is still medicine powder hidden in Senmian Langjun’s fingers, and the girl who was faked by him must have been stunned by him and hidden somewhere. Seeing that the incident was revealed, Qianmen Lang wanted to run away. Su Ci kicked him to the ground with a flying foot. He tore off his mask. His subordinates controlled Qianmen Lang and took him away. Jun’s man spit out and kissed a man just now.

At this time, Pei Zhao came over to ask Su Ci to say thank you. Su Ci looked blankly at Pei Zhao and turned away without speaking. Pei Zhao returned to the government office and his entourage gave him a piece of information, saying that the relief silver was swallowed. Legend has it that the Dragon King swallowed the relief silver in anger. After seeing it, Pei Zhao wanted to check it himself. He thought of Su Ci today. I thought it would be better if she could help. The General Administration of the Department of Spiegel also received the case of Dragon King swallowing disaster relief silver. Su Ci was present. At this time, the one who came in was Luo Shaoshu.

As soon as he entered the door, he said that Dragon King Tun Yin’an should be handled by him, but the General Administration has already It was handed over to Su Ci, and Luo Shaosuan was unwilling. Qianmian Langjun was the case of Luo Shaosuan before, but he was robbed by Su Ci. This time he was sent to Su Ci to handle it, which made Luo Shaosuan unconvinced. The General Administration heard that another important case of a headless female corpse outside the city had been handed over to the Department of Luo Shao for five consecutive cases, and Shao Department Luo took the case and turned and left.

Su Ci returned to her residence to pack her luggage, and she looked back at her parents’ memorial tablet and recalled from In the scene of the little being chased and killed, a young man gave her a dagger, and she found the dagger and brought it with her. In a woods, a young man dressed as a knight, Xie Beiming, was walking on the road, and found that there were people lying in ambush in the trees in the woods, so he injured all the people in black ambushing in the woods one by one with stones. These people came out and called Shao. The owner also took the initiative to hand over the silver to Xie Beiming.

Because Xie Beiming was going to walk the rivers and lakes, he simply refused and drove them away. Xie Beijun is a typical figure in the world, loves martial arts weapons, and is good at making friends with people of the three religions. Good-hearted, chivalrous, straightforward, sparse wealth. Pei Zhao also came to the place where the case was handled and found that the Dragon King sacrifice was being held here, but the sacrifice was made of a big girl, Dong Rushuang. Dong Rushuang is a ghost, a ghost, and a good at making poisons and drugs.

It is also known that the use of living people to sacrifice here will replace the girl who was originally going to sacrifice regardless of the consequences, and also wait for the opportunity to make a big noise in the sacrifice field. At this time, Dong Rushuang was tied to the sedan chair as a sacrifice to the Dragon King. At the same time, Su Ci has also arrived here. I heard from the locals that at the night when the relief silver came here, the Dragon King was entrenched on the ship carrying the relief silver.

In the violent storm that night, the Dragon King overturned the ship and later recovered it. The silver boxes were all turned into stones, and the relief silver was swallowed by the Dragon King. Su Ci hurriedly went to the county government to rescue the girl who was offering sacrifices, and met Pei Zhao halfway. Pei Zhao wanted to go to the county government with Su Ci, but Su Ci refused. Pei Zhao still had to stop Su. Keep porcelain. Su Ci took out the shackles he carried and prepared to lock Pei Zhao, but Pei Zhao locked the two arms together.

The keys to the shackles and Yin Liang were scattered between the two, but they were snatched by a group of beggars. Up. Seeing that the time for the sacrifice was approaching, the two of them had no choice but to go to the river to rescue the girl. The local villagers saw someone trying to sabotage the sacrifice. This is a major matter of life and death for the locals in one year. It would be terrible if the Dragon King was offended. Ah, the villagers generally attacked the two when they were crazy.

Because the two were locked together and their movement was restricted, they were thrown into the river together. When they fell into the river, a figure flew away and took the sacrificial girl away. Pei Zhao, Su Ci, Su Ci, who can not swim after falling into the river Thinking that he was dead this time, Pei Zhao used his mouth to plug Su Ci’s mouth, for fear that Su Ci would choke on the water and suffocate him, and he took Su Ci to the shore. After landing, the wizard and the villagers hurriedly chased the two of them. They were all in one group and grab them quickly, and the two ran away.

It was dark and the villagers were still chasing after them, and the two fell into a pit in the darkness. The girl who rescued the girl here turned out to be Xie Beiming. It has been a long time since the girl hasn’t woke up yet, and she said cold. Xie Beiming had to take off her clothes and put them on Dong Rushuang. Dong Rushuang woke up and saw Xie Beiming undressing here. A man was undressing in front of him, and he fainted Xie Beiming with a handful of poisonous powder. At this time, Pei Zhao’s entourage also followed Xie Beiming to this place. Seeing the scene before him, he thought they were a group.

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