The Great Qin Empire

The Great Qin Empire
Other names: 大秦帝国
Author:  Sun Haohui
Genre: Novel, Historical Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


“Great Qin Empire” is a long-scroll historical novel that describes the process of Qin’s rise and fall. The Qin empire rose on the occasion of iron-blooded rivals, established a powerful and unified empire, and created a brand-new iron civilization. But she had only fifteen years of life, flashed like a meteor, roaring and passing away. In this huge historical gap and the dramatic fate of the empire, there are countless magical stories and the joys and sorrows of great men and celebrities.

They have played this historical symphony with their personal destinies that are slender, magnificent, righteous, evil, heroic, or mediocre. The framework of social civilization woven by the empire and the cultural traditions it condenses still regulate our lives today and constitute a huge spiritual pillar of the Chinese nation.