Marriage is moving: my ex-wife will marry me again

Marriage is moving: my ex-wife will marry me again
Other names: 婚然心动:前妻再嫁我一次
Author: Murong Yue
Genre: Novel, President and wealthy, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


On the day of the divorce, she lied to him to leave his world with the child. After meeting again, she had to return to China to stay by his side because of the mobilization of his control personnel! The only difference in staying with him this time is that two more babies were added. One is her and his children. The other one is the child of him and another woman… that’s okay! She withdrew and left, secretly taking her five-year-old child away from home. At that moment, he was embarrassed on all sides and surrounded the entire airport, “I have the kids, my wife, let’s get married again!”

Chapter Lists:

Chapter 1 Divorce
Chapter 2 Six Years Later…
Chapter 3 Jin Shao said: He is going to make an appointment for your company!
Chapter 4 Miss Yin, Shao Jin wants you to stay!
Chapter 5 He has a girl, she has a son
Chapter 6 Back to the United States, he has to approve it!
Chapter 7 send her home
Chapter 8 I heard that you are getting married with my sister soon, congratulations!
Chapter 9 Jin Yeqing saw Yin Xiaobai

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