Psychic Princess S2 通灵妃 第二季 Episode 17

Ye Nether praises Qianyunxi for being cute. Ye Youming put down the pen in his hand and squatted down in front of Qian Yunxi, watching with interest this face that had fallen asleep and wanted to hold on. Although Qian Yunxi was a little bit savage and willful, it was still very cute. of.

While admiring Qian Yunxi, Qian Yunxi dozed off and almost planted, so scared that Ye Youming hurriedly stretched out her hand to help, Qian Yunxi kept cursing Ye Youming as a big bastard in her dream, and wanted to challenge him, but Ye Youming basically Not afraid, waiting for Qian Yunxi’s challenge at any time.

In order to make Qian Yunxi sleep more comfortable, Ye Youming hugged him up and sent him to the bed, but he didn’t expect to be caught by Qian Yunxi and hugged Ye Youming into his arms effortlessly. Ye Youming found out. Qian Yunxi’s strength is so great. Ye Youming did not break free, and lay down with Qian Yunxi. Qian Yunxi hugged Ye Youming, saying that Nuomi Tuan don’t make trouble, let her enjoy it, which made Ye Youming mistake Qianyun for Qianyun. Xi is a foodie and never forgets glutinous rice balls when he falls asleep.

Ye Youming was unwilling to push Qian Yunxi away, so she lay down and closed her eyes to sleep, and spent the whole night in peace. Early the next morning, Ye Youming hadn’t woken up yet, Qian Yunxi waved his arm around Ye Youming again, and suddenly woke up to find that he was sleeping with Ye Youming and yelled, accusing Ye Youming of having actually gotten into her bed.

But after a closer look, she found that she was on Ye Youming’s bed. She was so scared that Qian Yunxi quickly jumped out of bed, and accidentally stepped on Ye Youming. Ye Youming screamed to stop Qian Yunxi.

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