Heavenly Doctor’s Daughter-in-law

Heavenly Doctor’s Daughter-in-law (Novel)
Other Name: 神医嫡女宠上天 / What is the ending of Jiang Zongyue Li Zongyu’s novel? “The Prodigal Doctor’s Daughter-in-law to Heaven

Genre: novel, traversal
Author: Cat Cute
Year: 2020
Chapter: 40+
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Jiang Zengyue and Li Zongyu, who was the strongest agent in the 21st century and a horrified drug genius in the industry, accidentally traveled to ancient times. Become a pregnant woman with a baby… The father doesn’t know who it is, and no one claims her, so he has to raise it by himself. If he takes her body, he has to avenge him…

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“This horrible weather is really cold.”

“No, Damo has had several warm winters since the rare heavy snow ten years ago. This year, the weather can catch up with ten years ago.”

The cold winter is bitterly cold, and if it continues to be so cold, I am afraid that heavy snow will accumulate here, and people can’t get in or get out.

“Ten years ago, thanks to our king, otherwise more than half of the people in the desert will die. Now our king is in the British year, I am not too afraid of the weather that year.”

“You are not afraid! You and your mother-in-law made two babies in one breath that year, and they were born together for the envy of the neighbours. Look at how happy you are! If the city is sealed by heavy snow this year, are you going to chase after a few more in one breath? “

People come and go in the streets of the desert. After the rare heavy snow ten years ago, the common people have summed up part of their experience. Before the wind and snow came, first go to stock up and store things so as to survive the long winter. .

The two men talked and laughed boldly, one of them touched the other man’s belly and whispered a word.

“Our lord is good everywhere. After so many years, even if there are no children, there is no one in the harem.”

“I’ve heard a little bit of wind, that year, the lady of Yueyue… the king was a hard-hearted one.”

“Hey, I can’t think about it…”

The man’s long sigh followed the cold wind and snow into the carriage window. The magnetic pot inside the carriage was boiled, and the small charcoal was burning hot.

Liu Dahui listened to the two men passing by, his brows erected, and he immediately rushed to stop the two men.

“You two! The matter of the king is that you can…”

“Liu Sledgehammer.”

Liu Dachui hadn’t scolded the whole sentence, the person sitting in the carriage spoke slowly.

The tone was deserted.

“Has Qin not died back?”

“It seems not yet, Master, why don’t I go take a look?”

Liu Dazhuo glared at the two men while agreeing.

The two gagging men didn’t know what they shouldn’t say, but Liu Dahui was a tall man, and he was born very sturdy. The double axe on his waist looked even more difficult to provoke. The two of them were silent and inexplicable. He walked away quickly.

The voice in the carriage paused before speaking slowly.

“No need to.”


Liu Dachui responded, and as soon as he looked up, he saw Qin Wudie coming back from the other side of the street, and immediately roared.

“Let you buy a few plum blossoms, like a girl! Did you shit? So slow!”

“Close your stinky mouth!”

Qin Budie looked cold, walked to the carriage and said with a straight look.

“Master, the things have been bought, and even the batch of wine you brewed last year has been sent to the Rongkun Palace. Now that people have set off, they should be able to come back before the snow.”


Inside the carriage came the sound of a cup knocking on the tabletop, and Li Yuan’s eyebrows were drooping, and he asked in an unprecedented way.

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