Phoenix as a General: The King of Power Xu Jiangshan

Phoenix as a General: The King of Power Xu Jiangshan (Novel)
Other Name: 凤女为将:权王许江山

Genre: novel, traversal
Author: Yao Huohuo
Year: 2020
Chapter: 40+
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Feng Qing Jiu Chu is the protagonist of the book. In his previous life, he worked hard for others, but in exchange for two lives. Once reborn, smiling at the corners of his mouth, just wanting to ruin the scumbag, but he was entangled by Chu Wang… this man who has been pestering her and staying in her house for a long time…

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In the quaint room, Dongfang Zhi was lying on the bed with a pale face. He was only twelve years old and looked very pitiful.

The prime minister’s wife saw her heart tightly again, and said worriedly:

“Miss Feng, you must also show my Zhi’er. Since he got up early this morning, he has been in a coma. All the imperial doctors in the Chenglian Palace have been invited, but there is still no problem.

I’m just such a son, please save him, I can give you whatever you want. “

Feng Qingjiu walked to the bed and stretched out her hand to grasp Dongfang Zhi’s pulse. She couldn’t help but frown.

The pulse is stable, there is no abnormality, and the body temperature is normal. How can I be unconscious?

While thinking, she suddenly caught a big pot of pink flowers in the corner from the corner of her eyes.

The flowers bloom very vigorously, one by one, in clusters, extremely brilliant.

She walked over and looked at it and asked, “Where did this flower come from?”

“Hey, there weren’t such flowers in Zhi’er’s room before, what’s the matter, is there a problem with this flower?” Madam Prime Minister asked.

“This is an oleander. The roots, stems, leaves, etc. are all highly poisonous. A single leaf can kill a baby. However, it is of great ornamental value and it is not a problem to raise them outdoors. The doors and windows are closed tightly, how can there be no accident?” Feng Qing said nine times.

Upon hearing this, the prime minister’s wife quickly ordered:

“Quickly, quickly! Move this flower out quickly and open all the doors and windows! Also, immediately check if the flower was moved in!”

“Yes!” The maid left immediately.

The prime minister’s wife looked at Feng Qingjiu again and asked, “Miss Feng, what will Zhi’er do? Will his life be in danger?”

“Don’t worry, the toxin content in the air is not high, you don’t need to take medicine, you should be able to wake up in the evening when you rest, just take care of him.”

After speaking, Feng Qingjiu had to leave.

The prime minister’s wife immediately stepped forward and stuffed a golden leaf into Feng Qingjiu’s hand:

“Thank you, Miss Feng, for taking this trip specially. I really don’t know how to thank her. This is a little bit of my thoughts.”

Feng Qingjiu hesitated, but still reached out to take it, and said indifferently:

“I received the money, just treat me as an ordinary doctor, don’t be grateful.”

Mrs. Prime Minister nodded repeatedly, but she liked her even more in her heart.

Ordinary people would definitely want to take this opportunity to climb to the Prime Minister’s Mansion, but Feng Qingjiu is obviously not such a person, and he deserves to be behind the gate.

After Feng Qingjiu left the prime minister’s mansion, her heart was contemplative.

First Shui Fu and Mother Qiu asked for trouble, then Feng Wanyan gave weapons, and then they would encounter a group of gangsters when they went out.

Moreover, how could Dongfang Zhi faint by accident? Someone deliberately sent flowers into the room?

In her memory, the prime minister’s family was kind and had no enemies.

There seems to be an invisible net in the dark, gradually spreading out…

When returning to Fengfu, Ziyao suddenly said:

“By the way, the second lady, I just remembered that I still lacked shoes. The slave and maid went to the warehouse to select materials for you.”

“Go.” Feng Qing’s tone was light.

After Ziyao was approved, she walked towards the warehouse.

In the warehouse, Mu Zhenhua and Feng Wanyan were pretending to choose new bedding.

Seeing Ziyao coming, Mu Zhenhua couldn’t wait to ask: “How is the matter?”

“Mrs. Hui, the matter at the Prime Minister’s Mansion was arranged properly, but the second young lady solved Wang Mazi’s group by herself, and the third princes did not have the opportunity to appear.” Ziyao bowed her head respectfully.

Feng Wanyan frowned: “She can solve so many people alone?”

“Well, it’s still a stone, so many people will be abolished with a single wave. The skill is very good, and the servants and maids are scared.” Zi Yao said with lingering fear.

Feng Wanyan and Mu Zhenhua looked at each other, their expressions were a little surprised.

In their memory, Feng Qingjiu didn’t know how to martial arts, how could her skill suddenly become so good?

After thinking a little bit, Feng Wanyan told Ziyao:

“You go back and say some good things about the third prince in Feng Qingjiu’s ear. On the third prince’s side, I will think of a solution again.”

“Yes.” Zi Yao lowered her head and stepped away.

Mu Zhenhua asked worriedly: “How can this be good? Feng Qingjiu won’t give us a chance at all.”

“Since she doesn’t give it, then we will find the opportunity ourselves. Do you think she really doesn’t like the third prince? How could anyone dislike the third prince? How could anyone not like the third prince?

Feng Wanyan’s beautiful face is full of calculations.

In Fengqi courtyard, Feng Qingjiu just returned to the courtyard when the man suddenly fell in front of her.

He handed a bottle of ointment to Feng Qingjiu.

Feng Qingjiu took a look, put it on the tip of his nose and smelled it, it was to treat the abrasion.

When she threw so many stones before, her fingers were indeed worn out.

Can he find such a small injury?

“Poor man, have you learned to care about people?”

“No, you can handle it quickly, it’s time to make pastries.” The man looked blank.

The corners of Feng Qing’s mouth twitched, so this man just wanted her to make him cakes quickly?

What a foodie!

However, there was not much cake left in the medical kit. As it happened to be fine today, she rolled up her sleeves and went into the kitchen.

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