Bronze wedding

Bronze wedding
Other names: 铜婚
Author:  Miss Sister An Ruhao
Genre: Novel, Romance
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


One year of marriage is a paper marriage, two years of a cotton marriage…seven years is a bronze marriage. Seven years later, Hang Yuxin, who has been full-time, didn’t want to keep doing this. She was afraid that one day, she would live a lot of flesh, she would be stupid, could not keep up with the social rhythm, lost the ability to survive, and even the children would hate her. After seeing this, there are only middle-aged greasy women who are inferior and lonely, helpless, and boring in speech, who will only complain about others. However, Shijia was not happy for Yuxin to go out to work. He watched the company’s strong women working overtime day and night, facelessly being scolded by the boss, and he often felt pity in his heart. He thinks it can make his wife complete

Chapter Lists:

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