Wat Phu Temple in southern Laos

Wat Phu is open every day from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Vat Phou is a ruined Khmer Hindu temple complex in southern Laos. It is at the base of mount Phou Khao, some 6 kilometres from the Mekong in Champasak Province. There was a temple on the site as early as the 5th century, but the surviving structures date from the 11th to 13th centuries. Wikipedia

Wat Phu Castle or Wat Phu Temple is considered an ancient site and is the second World Heritage Site of Laos. It was registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 2002, located at the foot of the mountains west of the Mekong River. South of Champasak. This mountain, the location of Wat Phu Prasat, Lao people popularly call it “Phu Klao” meaning respect, as if raised above the head. The Prasat Wat Phu faces east. And lay out a long line of the Khmer castle, located in a mountainous area. Prasat Wat Phu was originally a very important historical site. Whether it is a place where the sanctity of Brahman – Hinduism. That it was the place where Lord Shiva was According to the faith of the sect As well as today that is a place of worship of Buddhists and is considered a place of ancient civilization to Three times together During the Chenla Kingdom, Khmer Kingdom and Lan Xang Kingdom Showing the lifestyles, beliefs and cultures of each period in a variety of eras.

Wat Phu was the administrative center of the 4th century because the major cities were near Wat Phu, such as Samapupura. Isanpur Chai Thitthapur City And Chetthapur It is also mentioned in the travel document. “Champasak people welcome to Laos 1999-2000 year” that “Wat Phupushanea, a famous place. It is one of the oldest ancient sites in Laos. Located at the foot of Phu Holy name “Ling Parawat” (Phu Kao) from various evidence that It is an archaeological site of the divine religion, Shiva, one of the timurati, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. In the 13th AD, this place has been transformed into a Buddhist temple until today. Which Lao people are considered to be an important historical and cultural place of the nation Therefore, the city reaches the 3 full month of each year. Therefore joined together to make merit at this temple To give people the opportunity to join together to worship the things that are respected together “

Lao people therefore consider Wat Phu’s worship day as a very important day. Because it is the day that the people have already made an appointment to make merit Therefore low cost of publicity It is a single shot with two birds. Ie worshiping sacred things as well and seeing the tourism year as well Therefore various parades On this day, it is specially arranged. By allowing each city to find its own identity, show it in the procession and will tell about the attractions.

Wat Phu is the site of religious sites in the ancient civilization for three eras:

  1. the era of the Chenla kingdom, which respected gods and sacrifices
  2. the Khmer era with Building a castle as a place of Brahmin religion and
  3. in the era of the Lan Xang Kingdom that has The conversion of Khmer Castle to become a Theravada Buddhist site.

Until now, the buildings of Wat Phu Castle

were built in the era of the Khmer Empire under the belief of Brahmanism and the building was constructed and renovated in many eras. period The motto of the carvings at Prasat Wat Phu is divided according to the motto of creating the carvings. Is a carvings telling stories in Brahmanism Created according to motto Beliefs of the Suan Sect With the Vishnap sect Which appears in the form of an engraved picture telling the way Sculptor.

There are stories about people such as Shiva, Vishnu, Uma, Indra and hermit, stories about animals such as Erawan, Naga, Garuda, Na Kalasing, as well as decorative plant motifs. Most of the engravings appear to be early sinful art that retains its form. Some aspects of the art form depict the construction under a continuous period of time. The carvings narrated at Wat Phu are divided into two styles. Including a truly engraved picture telling a story Without other components to mix And carvings telling stories in the midst of flora that are narrated The subject is in the center of the image. The carvings are important in the symbolic meaning of the metamorphic castle transformed into a heavenly residence of the gods.

Wat Phu was built in accordance with Brahmin beliefs. In the Suan Sect With evidence found from the castle Appear in the form of engraved pictures telling a story Later, after the Khmer’s power decline, the entry of Buddhism from the Lan Xang territories led to the change of the temple from the Devasthan into a Buddhist place, and a Buddha image was enshrined in place of the Shiva Ling. And there is also a ceremony in accordance with Buddhist beliefs Like the tradition of merit-worship at Wat Phu And local beliefs about animal sacrifice to worship ancestors as well.

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