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Yu Jiao Ji

Yu Jiao Ji (2022)
Other Title: 驭鲛记 / Yu Jiao Ji

Genres: drama, Fantasy, romance
China Mainland
Zhu Rui Bin
Jiu Liu Fei Xiang
Tencent TV
Release Date: 
Related Show:
Yu Jiao Ji (驭鲛记) by Jiu Liu Fei Xiang


The story revolves around a demon taming master and the ruler of merman.

The princess of Shunde hunted a shark and wanted to find someone to domesticate it. The princess has three wishes, one is that the demon utters words, the other is that this demon turns into a leg, and the third is that her heart will never be rebellious. As everyone knows, the East Controlling Demon Island, the West Controlling the Demon Mountain, the South Controlling the Demon Valley, and the North Controlling the Demon Terrace are the only four places in the world that allow people with the ability to control the demon to survive. And the Demon Controlling Valley in the south is the strongest demon control master in the world. She is the most powerful demon master in Demon Control Valley, but she is fascinated by a shark.

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