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Cherish his wife like one’s life

Cherish his wife like one’s life
Other names: 惜妻如命, Cherish Wife as Fate
Author: Li Sa
Genre: Novel, Romantic Novels
Release: Unknown
Status: Ongoing


After waiting for five years and enduring for five years, Wen Renzhen knew that this could no longer be done. Without any means and methods, he and Kou Shanrong could only miss it… He knew that she hated him very much and thought he was a big carrot. , Everywhere is romantic, indeed, if he didn’t meet her, he would still hang around the flowers and continue to play love games.

But because he saw her stubborn tears and understood her loneliness, he was quietly tempted,
so in order to make her face his existence, he designed her to marry him. Husband and wife, but the relationship for a lifetime~~ They can get along day and night, he will treat her very well, let her fall in love with him slowly… first help her quit the job she did very reluctantly, and use the relationship to arrange a suitable new job , Watching her find a sense of accomplishment at work, he also became happy.

He specially arranged a busy schedule to participate in the exhibition she planned. He wanted her glory not to be lonely, even if the father who loved her the most passed away, and he accompanied her to share her joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys. Just as she slowly responded to his love, her sister, who had disappeared for half a year, suddenly appeared, exposing the secret he had concealed for a long time, and let her…


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