Easily pass away, but love is difficult

Easily pass away, but love is difficult (Novel)
Other Name: 流年易逝情难却

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Duge
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Bai Zi Youzong Zhengyeol, pregnant dystocia, husband cheating, life miserable so far, but because of his appearance, I was pushed again On the darker abyss. I hate them for hurting me and abuse me, and I am determined to take revenge. He helped me help me and led me to deep-rooted love, but in the end it was only a dewy marriage…

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When the car drove to the mall, Xu Kai opened the door and Zong Zhenglie got out of the car first.

I thought they were going to leave me alone in the mall, but Zong Zhenglie buttoned his suit and stretched out a hand towards me.

When Xu Kai saw that I was stunned, he reminded me: “Miss Bai, time is precious.”

I didn’t rest all day and night, I was really tired.

I dared not delay, so I stepped forward and put my hand in his.

Although we have done more intimate things, it is the first time that such a formal handle is held.

Zong Zhenglie’s hands were generous and powerful, and his fingers were a little rough. He gently rubbed the back of my hand, causing a strange feeling in my heart.

I moved my fingers, feeling the temperature in his palms, and I couldn’t help but sweat.

Today is the weekend and there are many people in the mall.

Zong Zhenglie is outstanding in appearance, he is always popular wherever he goes, and many people sneak in at him along the way.

I followed him and looked down at the hands we held together. There was always the illusion of a couple shopping.

Vanity got a little satisfaction, and my mood gradually improved.

Two minutes after he was not happy, Zong Zhenglie suddenly quickened his pace.

He has long legs, and he walks quickly.

I walked slowly, so I had to trot to follow his footsteps.

After walking through the crowd for a while, I was out of breath.

Just about to let go of his hand, he looked up and saw him staring at me and smiling.

I caught the slyness passing through his eyes, and I suddenly realized that the dead man was deliberate.

These two words, be careful and keep grudges, are simply tailored for him. Don’t look at him always holding a cold face. In fact, he remembers everything clearly, and he will ask you to settle the account whenever he gets the chance.

Putting my hands together, I bowed to him: “Master Lie, you have a lot of them. It’s a small mistake. I haven’t slept all day and night. Will you spare me?”

I’m too tired, and I can’t worry about it anymore. I just want to quickly finish shopping and go back to sleep.

Zong Zhenglie’s complexion warmed a little, and he lowered his eyes and scanned his bent arm.

I smiled stiffly at him, stepped forward and embraced his arm obediently.

There are many luxury brand stores in this mall. Zong Zhenglie is a regular customer here, and there is a dedicated service when he enters.

The dazzling array of products are displayed in a neat manner. I was dazzled. I accidentally glanced at the price and no longer wanted to buy.

Zong Zhenglie worked vigorously and vigorously, so I didn’t need to pick several clothes and stuffed them into my arms.

I changed one after the other, and he sat on the sofa and watched one after another.

He nodded, the shopping guide packaged Xu Kai to pay, he shook his head, the shopping guide took away and took the set.

But every woman likes to buy and buy.

Especially having a man who is good at matching followed, it is simply a kind of extreme enjoyment.

Originally, I was a bit hesitant and unconfident because of the price issue, but under the affirmation of Zong Zhenglie, I gradually became confident and began to enjoy this process. The previous exhaustion and sleepiness disappeared.

It was almost noon after the purchase, Xu Kai carried large and small bags, and I followed Zong Zhenglie in new clothes, which seemed to be a mistress.

As soon as I left the mall, I ran into Wang Yuanming and Li Qian.

Li Qian is wearing maternity clothes, holding Wang Yuanming’s arm, holding a big-name shopping bag, smiling and thanking Wang Yuanming for her gratitude.

It’s a Chanel bag.

My eyes trembled slightly, and my heart stabbed.

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