Farewell to You in This Life

Farewell to You in This Life (Novel)
Other Name: 此生与你暂别离

Genre: novel, romance
Author: Mu Ziyuan
Year: 2020
Chapter: N/A
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Xu Luoqi’s Dongyang book fell in love with him when his love began, and it has been ten years now. It was calculated four years ago and put on his bed. Knowing that she loved him deeply, she walked up to her grandiosely and told her that he was going to divorce her and marry another woman…

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At the door of the law firm.

Xu Luo dragged a box, before he could find a place to live, he asked all the way.

She stood awkwardly in front of Lu Yan, feeling nervous.

“Attorney Lu, what you said at the beginning would love me and protect me for life, does it count?”

Lu Yan looked at the girl with short hair and a playful face in front of him, her Adam’s apple rolling slightly.

He turned around, his eyes were red and his thin lips opened slightly.

“Don’t remember, did Miss Xu have a recording? No recording, it can’t be used as evidence.”

He finished speaking in a cold voice and walked into the office.

Xu Luo was not angry, and dragged the heavy box to follow: “Then I have to apply for legal aid.”

The newly recruited assistant did not know Xu Luo. He heard that the girl was applying for legal aid, and he quickly took her to fill out the form.

“Hello, what problem did you encounter?” the assistant asked.

Xu Luoyu looked at Lu Yan’s tall back and slowly said, “I was abandoned by my fiance. He said to marry me and take care of me, but the last person ran away.”

“He also blocked all my contact information. I couldn’t find him, so I had to apply for legal aid.”

Lu Yan listened to Xu Luo’s words, turned his back to them, his face was cold, and said nothing.

The assistant was a little embarrassed: “Miss, I’m really sorry, this matter is not easy to litigate, you and your fiance do not have a legal relationship. And you also said that you can’t find your fiance.

“But I saw it today. He refused to admit what he said at the beginning. He also said he wanted me to show evidence. Where can I find the evidence?” Xu Luo continued to look at Lu Yan. She found that he was still carrying it on his right ring finger. The original wedding ring.

With a touch from the bottom of her heart, tears filled her eyes.

The assistant didn’t expect Xu Luo to be so pitiful, and couldn’t help but curse: “This is really a scumbag.”

Xu Luo ignored him, walked straight to Lu Yan, and grabbed Lu Yan’s big hand: “I found the evidence.”

The assistant looked confused, what is she doing?

How dare she grab Teacher Lu’s hand?

Although Teacher Lu is very gentle with people and things, everyone knows that he does not like physical contact with people, especially women.

The assistant thought that their teacher Lu was a G at one time.

Lu Yan’s hand stiffened, and he turned to look at Xu Luo, trying to take out his hand.

Xu Luo’s beautiful eyes blinked at him, and then stared at the wedding ring: “Lawyer Lu, is the wedding ring considered evidence?”

Lu Yan looked at Xu Luo, who was in front of him, as if he had been back to the original time.

At that time, Xu Luo was only eighteen years old. She secretly grabbed his hand and put a fake cockroach in his hand.

At that time, his expression did not change, Xu Luo looked sad: “You are too boring, you can’t be scared.”

After looking back, Xu Luo had already taken off his wedding ring.

Just listen to her reading the words engraved on the wedding ring: LY&XL

When she read her own name, she deliberately added a letter “Who is XLH? Uuuu… Lu Yan, you are very good, how dare you betray me…”

She hid her face and wept bitterly.

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